What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Request a Userscript to tweak “Critical Item List”, to show “Leeches” instead, defined by

Current level minus 5 - Apprentice or lower
Current level minus 10 - Guru or lower
Current level minus 20 - Master or lower

Or something of the sort.

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Request a userscript to change the entire interface to Japanese instead of English. Thad’ be nice.

An english dictionary for the english meaning.


Is there an extension allowing lessons to be repeated? This could be done by putting a “redo lesson” button on the lessons page where it shows you the last lesson’s summary (or just review radicals/kanji/vocab), as opposed to starting a new session. Or one could “relearn” multiple selected items. Such a function would be very helpful for me, I find the lesson environment to be much more conducive to learning than just looking at the reading/meaning sections. Usually I enter a first review with at least one item I’m completely clueless about, and have to type in random bullshit. It takes 2 or more false answers for the reading/meaning to stick. I’d love to use this script to relearn my last lesson since I rushed through it due to time demands involving real-life humans. Even just that simple function (relearn last lesson) would be fantastic…


It would be nice if there was something that showed how many kanji, vocabulary and radicals you have in each SRS level.
It also would be good if it showed all of the things you had in apprentice (and the other levels too maybe) so you know what to focus on.
Something like this would be super helpful :slight_smile:

This should cover the first part of your request.

Thank you !! :smiley:

I’ve done some looking and I haven’t found anything specifically like what I’m looking for. Is there a way to completely remove radicals? Or is there a userscript that would let me instantly burn a radical when I see it with the press of a button?

I understand that it is good to learn the radicals and that their there for a reason, but for me personally, they just get in the way. I would rather not learn the radicals and spend that time working on the Kanji instead. Especially since the radicals on WaniKani are essentially made up. If something does already exist would you be kind enough to point me towards it.


Has there ever been a request like this?

When I’m browsing my vocabulary, I hate not being able to see what state each individual item is in (like apprentice, guru, etc). I would love a userscript that adds a little light or dot or something on each entry that tells you what each vocab entry is at?

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BTW, the search box is at the top right of the screen. (Press the search button first.)

I used the search box. That script doesn’t do what I want. I’m not talking about during reviews. I’m talking about when you’re looking at the vocabulary pages.

There is one on the dashboard, just for Current Level items / Apprentice items.

For vocabulary pages, it does say Apprentice and Guru by default, but without a number. I know no script to help this.

I’m already using Dashboard Progress Plus. Look, the reason this thread exists is to make requests. Not to link me a bunch of scripts that don’t fulfill my request.

My request is this:

On the VOCABULARY pages, I think it would be really nice to be able to tell what items are apprentice, guru, master, etc. If someone could make a script that adds some kind of indicator, that would be cool.

Edit: And I’m talking about the page that lists them, specifically, not the info page for each individual word.

Something on this page to see at a glance where each item is sitting.

Since normally we only know if it’s “active” or “burned”

There is this page, though. https://www.wanikani.com/lattice/vocabulary/status

Otherwise, see the STAT site. https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/#items.wk.voc

I didn’t know about the Lattice. That’s neat. And I found the stats site already, which I absolutely love. Between the two of them I’ve basically got what I need. Thanks.

I would like a script that randomizes the lessons. I get burned out fast if I have all kanji.

@ilvrbts If you just want to randomize your lessons, go to the settings page and change your Lesson ordering setting.
If you want to be able to limit the number of lessons of each type you take (with a shuffle option), there’s the Lesson Filter script.
If you want more control over reordering your lessons (with a shuffle option), there’s the Reorder Ultimate script.

just refreshing the page usually helps

Not if you have the new setting set. Then you’d always get the same items.