What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

The SRS works by having specific intervals based on the stage the item is in. It is not possible to have a review appear earlier than this interval, but that doesn’t seem to be what you’re asking for. Basically, the review will become available at it’s specific time. Since it seems like your issue is that you don’t want to have to do these items at the same time as the others, then your solution is reordering.

Reorder Omega will allow you to reorder the review queue such that it only contains items that fit the criteria you specify in the presets. For example, I have a preset for “Apprentice Only” that gets only my current Apprentice items then sorts them by SRS stage (ascending). I have another that’s “All Apprentice items & 20 each from the remaining stages” where the Apprentice portion is sorted by SRS stage, the Guru by Leech Score, and the Master and Enlightened by Overdue date. You should be able to make a preset that does what you want, and if you’re having trouble with it you can ask in the Omega thread for assistance and I (or someone else) should be able to help.

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