What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I see! Let’s hope and see! I’m just super thankful that you got the scrip back up and running at all! :sparkling_heart: :bowing_woman:

a script that removes everything except for MEANING and READING from the item’s info during reviews

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You don’t need a script for this. Install an adblocker like uBlock Origin and just block the elements:

thank you, it helps in making the screen look cleaner, but I still get some “auto-scrolling” that wasn’t there before the update

I used to have two scripts that the recent wk changes made nonfunctional:

Is there already a replacement made for these ? I especially really miss the first one.


The Pitch Info script should work – have you checked if you are on the latest version (0.63)? If you are, can you go through the steps suggested in this guide to gather more information about the problem and post it in the Pitch Info script thread?

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Yeah, it is working. Don’t know why I thought it didn’t. Maybe just the new wk interface throwing me for a loop.

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Seconding a request for this one, I am starting to miss it more and more. Sadly, the original author has stated that they will no longer be maintaining the script.


I don’t know if this would be a script or if it’s already an option somewhere and I’m just looking in the wrong places, but is there a way to opt-out of or stop the Item Info expansion auto-scrolling down? It makes me extremely nauseous having the screen just sliding around on its own. Also it scrolls the actual item off screen so I can’t actually see it, which is unhelpful considering I’m only looking at the item info if I got it wrong, so I’d like to be able to look at the item and the reading/meaning at the same time without battling vertigo. As it is, I just can’t do my reviews on my pc anymore, I just get too nauseous too quickly.


please email the wanikani team about this, all the extra useless information forces that auto scroll, I tried but wasn’t able to get rid of it

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not sure if this counts, but i loved using the hide review accuracy script, but the new update broke it. after checking the thread it seems the script writer has left wanikani for awhile now and probably wont fix it. i would love for someone to remake it!

Darn, I was hoping there would be an easy fix. :<
I’ve sent them an email, so we’ll see what they say.

I wished there was following script :wink:
A script that shows the corresponding radical when hovering over the radical name in the mnemoic.


Soft Reset

Resurrection manager at the selected lower level, then additional auto-resurrect after Guru, and eventual Lv+1 auto-resurrection.

By this way, un-resurrect (i.e. sending back to Burn) is always an option.

What haven’t been Burned might eventually get wrong and fall back to Guru / Apprentice, anyway.

Coupled with level-ascending re-order (native or not), this might make long vacation manageable.

Review Summary script at end of review queue that shows what items you got wrong, and how you confused them with other items.

Why I think this will be really useful for many people:

  • ConfusionGuesser is an immensely useful script to study how you confused an item with another item. But it will only show it for one item during the review queue.
  • The review summary is currently gone due to the recent WK UI update. So, there is no possibility to carefully re-check what items you got wrong and how.

I believe the script will solve both issues:

  • having finally again a review summary
  • improving on the traditional review summary we knew by showing what you confused them with regarding reading and meaning.

Some thoughts about how to accomplish this

  • WK seems to issue an event didCompleteSubject for which you will be transferred back to the dashboard. This could be intercepted for the script to go in action.

  • What I imagine is: after didCompleteSubject got issued, open up a window similar to the formerly known WK review summary with only the wrongly guessed items. But next to every item it shows Confused Meaning with Item(s): <Item1>, <Item2> and/or Confused Reading with Item(s): <Item3>, <Item4>.

    Here an example: Assume you got the item 欠かす during the review, but instead of answering to miss an event during meaning phase, you answered with to lack something, which is the meaning of 欠く. If this happened to (let’s say) 3 items during your review, then the window at the end of the review shows:

    ################### WINDOW ###################
    | Guessed 3 Item(s) wrong:
    | ******* 欠かす: to miss an event
    | *********** Confused Meaning with: 欠く to lack something
    | etc.
    ########### BUTTON: GO BACK TO DASHBOARD ####

  • In the ConfussionGuesser script, there are these functions that must be made accessible from outside:

    • guessForMeaning(answer_inputted_by_user, item_in_question): Returns list of possible items you likely confused the meaning with.
    • guessForReading(answer_inputted_by_user, expected_item_reading, item_in_question): Returns list of possible items you likely confused the reading with.

    item_in_question is just a string of the item characters, answer_inputted_by_user is just the string the user inputted into the answer field, and expected_item_reading again just a string of the real reading of the item.

  • Essentially, the script needs to run from the start of the review and keep note of every item you got wrong. After the review, it just needs to input that list into the above functions provided by the Confussion Guesser script, and show them in the window.


I would kill for a userscript that let me hover over a kanji to see reading/meaning mnemonics during reviews.

Reviewing forgotten meanings and readings of kanji when encountered in a vocab review is more cumbersome than ever, now having to show info>expand>scroll all the way down>click on the kanji I want to review>etc…

If not the hover option, anything that makes reviewing the mnemonics less cumbersome would be welcome.

dont know if anyone got back to you but this exisits. Search the api and third party apps list or userscripts for “anki” and you will find it.

I have this userscript:

It’s currently dysfunctional, but if you are interested, I’ll try to fix it up

Edit: nvm, I see you were the one requesting a fix. I’ll try to look at it later tonight

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Just wanted to know if someone already made this script, if not I may make my own…

Does a userscript exist that “previews” the next review item while the current one is active. Like a small version of the next item below the current one in reviews so that I can recognize the next item already while typing the current answer. I like going through my reviews quickly but I get caught up waiting between subsequent items because I have to parse the new one first. I think though that while I input my answer I can already think about the next one. (I know I could kind of use Anki mode for this but I’m 苦手 with that, dunno why.)

If this is a bad idea, please also tell me!

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I think this is a great idea!

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