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EskimoJo said...
Ethan said...
EskimoJo said... Please a userscript that produces the shaky screen and a message to 'be careful' if I get everything right except the okurigana. If the answer is in the question and I get it wrong, it's obviously a typo!
I know I should just slow down, but if English typos are allowed...
I just made one that does the shaky shakes when you get the okurigana wrong, which is just as good. (the only difference would be that what you're asking for would fail you if you got both the kanji and the okurigana wrong and this one just shakes until you get the okurigana right... then fails you)

 Huh? So I fail anyway if I get the okurigana wrong?
 No I'm talking about what it seems you requested, a script that shakes if you get everything right except the okurigana. My script doesn't check if you got everything else right, that would involve at least one more loop and a couple more variables. It only objects if you get the okurigana wrong.

If you get the the Kanji right and the okurigana wrong it won't submit, so you won't fail after you correct the okurigana. If you got both wrong and correct only the okurigana, then you would fail. Perhaps the logical difference is of little consequence for its purpose but thus is the mind of a coder. :P

By the way, it will give false positives (ie, let you submit) if you mix katakana with hiragana in your answer, so uh... don't.