What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

This is actually very close to something I’m working on: [UserScript] Integrated Custom SRS
Though the script version for reasons beyond the scope of this reply is not very stable.
About the whole rating and contributing part. I call these packs “decks” (anki wording). I’m meaning to make them shareable and it would be great to have a thread in the future where people can share their own decks. But I don’t think the idea of having to vote on decks or contribute to them is a good idea. You and I might have completely different ideas about what makes a mathematical deck a good deck. You might want a simple one that has all the terms up to geometry or something, while I might say, that I hate geometry with a passion, but I rather had calculus words in it as well. So I would make the whole process much more open. Also, scripts work like that and you don’t see many of them being duplicated or redone ('cept for reorder, reorder is basically a seasonal show).

Forgot to mention, because of how the script needs to work, I’m rewriting it currently from the ground up as an extension (by currently I mean I have made the directory for it on my system at least)

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