What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Just spitballing here, but would it be possible to create a script that enhances the anime watching experience by adding Japanese subtitles with the kanji you’ve learned on WaniKani and furigana’d kanji everywhere else? Maybe english translations for the items you haven’t learned yet too? I’d be more difficult than just turning english subs on, and easier than no subs. I don’t know how feasible this is, if it already exists, or if there’s even some framework to work with on the host of websites streaming anime, but it might be cool.

Please correct me if this exists already; A plug-in that would simply pronounce out loud the vocab after you confirmed it (whether it was correct or not). As someone who tries to mimic pitch accent - this could help a lot instead of clicking the info then clicking the speech button for EACH vocab I pass through. It would be much more time-efficient.

You could have a button to select the prefered voice, (toggle) and a subtle toggle on and off button for ease of access.

Although I would love to see the idea, but this is a huge undertaking IMO and would take enormous effort. The best advice I could give is to watch anime on animelon (jap subtitles) and use it as a separate tool from WK.

It would be fun if a WK extension would be somehow connected to Animelon thought.

There is a built-in setting for this under app settings called “Autoplay audio in reviews”. I believe it only plays after you answer the reading, though

I could make a script to add these if you thing that’d be useful. Maybe I could find a way to play the audio when you answer the meaning as well.

I should have known :joy: ; thank you so much for letting me know.

I know some people that use other scripts (voices from other native speakers) may benefit from this - and do think an on and off toggle button would make things easier depending on the situation - but don’t want to create work for nothing - for now, will use a feature that is already in the app (ugh I feel stupid).

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This one can play also after meaning

I have a script that might get close to what you want. It can autoplay after the meaning question and also autoplay after wrong answers. (You’ll have to enable that feature in the script’s settings and enable autoplay in WaniKani’s built in settings.)


Yeah I thought so too :wink: hence, a spitball. I was thinking about it, and when methods like subscribing to two streams (one with, and one without subs) and subtracting them to acquire the subs came up I concluded that it was not worth the effort :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm maybe everytime you do get the vocab wrong a pic appear in the corner to show what it is, the pic is of the user’s choosing.???

I’m looking for a userscript which sorts reviews items by historic accuracy. Or tips on getting the associated review statistics for items in the activeQueue and reviewQueue.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Also looking for a way to cause a review failure of my overdue reviews items? (without having to actually review them and fail?) I know I’ll take a hit in SRS level for the items. I’m ok with that.

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I think you need more co-efficients (weights) here. For example, length of time overdue (freshness), level of item/number of answers given (history error margin), average answer input duration (ease of recall), and so on. Then in some preferences panel you could give a personal weight to each factor, positive or negative, to sort the queue according to training type.

That sounds great too. :slight_smile:

For my purpose, it doesn’t need to be very sophisticated. Sometimes I just want to quickly answer the “easy” stuff. At first approximation, this would be “anything I haven’t missed yet” …

Later, when I’m more relaxed, I can go through all the other items in the default order.

An extension (I meant userscrip I think) that randomizes wether Kenichi or Kyoko will read the vocab I just typed. Flaming Durtles has this function and now I only feel like doing reviews on my phone because it’s so good.
Oh, I’d also love one that hides those “Apprentice!” etc green and red popups during reviews.

You want this:


This is really great! I’m STILL on the lookout for something that hides the “Guru” or “Apprentice” popups during reviews. Ya got me on that? They distract me immensely :bug:

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There’s no need for a script, you can turn it off in the WK settings already:


:man_facepalming: Thanks… I’m sorry


No need to be sorry! We’re all here to learn (and maybe that also applies to WK‘s settings) :wink:

Is there an extension that shows a contextual sentence during reviews? It’ll be like a hint but at least you’ll use your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to get the correct answer. Also, while WK’s context sentences are good, some of the words/kanjis haven’t been taught yet. Thank you.

Yep, [Userscript] Simple Show Context Sentence.