What do you type in when you have no idea what the kanji is?

I just type ‘o’ if I have no idea because it’s the closest vowel to the enter key



I always always always type i い if idk the reading or meaning

I have gotten some right bc of this lol

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I type “x” for meaning, but it won’t let me do that for reading, so I usually use あ

I’ll usually try to make a guess at the answer might be, even if I’m pretty sure I’m confusing a similar looking kanji. I’m a big fan of the ConfusionGuesser userscript to figure out exactly why I was wrong, and help me sort out similar things that are giving me trouble.

If I really have absolutely no idea, I usually opt for “aaaaa” or “あああああああ” with the length of the scream a/あ’s being directly proportional to how frustrated I am with myself for not remembering…


I type ji or じ but I don’t have a good reason why

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When it comes to readings, I usually put the most common readings that I see as I learn different kanji. If I’m completely stumped, I might throw a こう or a し in to see if I get lucky.

For meanings, I don’t really have a specific pattern. Sometimes I’ll try and write out a meaning of a similarly looking kanji or maybe I’ll just put a description in that fits the radicals/kanji (One time I couldn’t remember the meaning of 空間 so I just wrote “sky interval”).


I’ve typed loads of random stuff. The other day I was so done with my terrible memory that I just typed, “imma be real witcha chief i got no f*ckin idea”. It made me think, can you imagine if the WK staff could read the random stuff we put in when we have no idea? I imagine that’d be a great source for entertainment.


I usually type in しょ、as there seem to be a lot of shoguns at my level. I wish I had something more interesting to say like, " I type in 何!!!”

I at least make an educated guess.


I use foo and ふ - It would be nice to have access to all my incorrect answers via a data export one day to spot the ones where I often had no idea at all.

I just use “い” or “i.” No clue why!


I always just slam い (and make an angry grunt “ih!!”)in annoyance if I can’t even make a guess.
Which kind of sucks when the reading actually is い because then I can’t undo the correct answer, though that’s only happened a few times…

Same here! “No!”

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If you squint It kinda looks like an L. :upside_down_face:

When in doubt, Koichi (こう)


Funny, I just put this in a different thread. I use ‘nn’. I figure, WaniKani is already making me wear out my ‘n’ key twice as fast, might as well burn it to the ground. (Plus, it’s unlikely to accidentally be the correct answer when I should fail)


し or こう. It’s usually one of those!


I type no.


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I used to type “a”, but since trying out Anki mode in the Flaming Durtles Android app, I almost exclusively use that. (I think the app also has a “don’t know” button for normal mode.)

Always ふ/fu, because I’ve done ふcked up