What do you type in when you have no idea what the kanji is?

“a” or question marks

I like to type やれやれ

I used to type ‘a’, but sometimes that answer is accidentally marked as correct because ‘a’ is a valid reading, so now I type ‘aaaa’.

I usually type し, which is short for “sh*t I forgot” :)) It actually turned out to be correct the first time I tried it (with the kanji for child) so I’ve been doing it ever since


I’m impressed with how much thought some people put into this, good for you guys! My brain usually stops at “poop” for the meaning, and 「ぷうぷ」for the reading

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I type in “hi” or “ひ” as in to say, “Hi, anyone behind the scenes looking at my wrong answers. Yep, I totally forgot this one.”


あああ followed by whatever okurigana is showing. ああある is common for failed verbs.

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When I have absolutely no idea, I’ll type う.

i type in ノ as in there is no way that this is the right reading

At some point I started using しらん (variant of 知らない) and that just kinda stuck. If it’s an unknown meaning I use ‘?’ which worked every time until I started learning the kanji for question mark.


I type “Meow!” :cat2:
Actually, even when I have an idea what the kanji is, I still feel the urge to type “Meow”.
Because in Cat every kanji is “Meow!” :cat2:



I always do try to hit the right reading specially with look-alike 漢字 for example 坂 and 板 one could be han and other could be saka or viceversa… if im really tired i just create a new reading for it like kyaku or ryo i dont know…:cry:

hahaha 僕も!

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I do think the different approaches are interesting. From “guessing something that cannot possibly be right” to “guessing something statistically likely” to “I just want to express my frustration at not knowing.”


Yes, this!

I also sometimes end up mashing the g key

About 6% of the time my guess is accurate - don’t know if it’s luck or my brain is giving me subliminal help. (I do try to employ Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” theory at times)

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I have been using あ but people here have made a good case for using ん instead. I will try to do that in the future.

For readings I do あああ, for definitions I do “forgive me Lord Koichi”