What do you listen to while you do your reviews?

Music seems to distract me idk why. I can spend hours doing math homework or writing a paper and listen to lofi, jazz or other calm music, but not with Japanese. I guess because I am trying to sound out the words to myself.


I can’t concentrate with music on. For example, I do my review at the gym in the morning while on the stationary bike. I wear headphones and listen to music while doing resistance training, but I turn off the music for WaniKani and cardio. I keep the headphones on for noise cancellation during that time.


lofi hip hop, chiptune, synthwave and orchestral music for the most part. Some eletroswing, nudisco as well.

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I listen to https://asoftmurmur.com/ with the rain, wind, fire, and waves on.

def love this vibe when i’m working too! i’m a fan of this mix, though it’s a bit on the shorter side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NNNgXoOdnA&t=298s
especially the one that starts 04:58 ‘Blind’

[also, low key counterproductive, but if anyone’s looking for a challenge (aka a reason to decrease accuracy for no apparent reason), singing a song out loud in a different language (not japanese and not your native language) while doing reviews is a super interesting experience! you kinda have to force your brain to sit back and just let multiple systems run at once. also tests if you really know those kanji or not
disclaimer: would not recommend this if you have multiple burns coming up :sweat_smile:]

Aw man, I love Ronald Jenkees. A few years back when he released an album, I sent him $5 as a paypal donation with a message saying that while I couldn’t afford to spend the full amount to buy his new album, I’d be listening to it on Spotify. He immediately turned around and mailed me a T-Shirt. Stand-up guy.

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Usually some old tv series I’m rewatching. Lately The Simpsons, The Sopranos and Monty Python Flying Circus. It just relaxes me when I have 30+ reviews or lessons to do at a time.

nothing normally.

But last time it was old Aqua music

by the way, offtopic, but sometimes i want listen some music compositions, but cant find it.

From long past.

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I first found him playing a game called Before the Echo on Steam. Bought his CD off of CD baby website. Found him on youtube after that. The guy has a really infectious personality!

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Nothing if possible, I prefer silence to concentrate. Sometimes I’m out and about and I have to cope with random noises around me, but I find them less distracting than music.

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I, er, say everything out loud while I’m doing reviews (as in I’ll say both the reading and meaning out loud for every single review) so I feel like that would clash with music on in the background :sweat_smile:

Industrial noise, for the drive to finish more quickly.

I listen to silence.


I listen to instrumental music (usually classical music, Chinese instruments or something where there is a lute or a harp)

Some of my current favs:


Usually chillwave, something like this

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I listen to a mix: Led Zeppelin, Abba, Yanni, Piano Guys, Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, Boston, Billy Idol, Billy Squier, ColdPlay, Evita Soundtrack, Enya, Lyle Lovett, Fresh Aire I-III, Of Monsters and Men, Les Miserable, Pat Benatar, Peter Gabriel/Dire Straits, Piotr Rubik, Queen, REM, Victoria Police Pipe Band, Robert Plant, Rush, Styx, Supertramp, U2, TSO, Van Halen, WOTE, Yes.

My new favorite genre to listen to while studying: Okinawan Music. First heard it playing at a local Okinawan steak house, fell in love with it. Some of my favorite artists: Ayano Uema, Yoshida Brothers, Rimi Natsukawa, Hiromitsu Agatsuma, Shisars, The Surf Champlers, and of course, music from the ever-popular commercials by AU “Santaro”.

I usually have a Twitch stream nattering in the background about whatever game they’re playing while I do reviews. Sometimes the distraction helps a bit when I see a kanji and the reading’s on the tip of my tongue and the mnemonic isn’t quite coming back. I let my attention switch to the audio of the stream for a few moments and sometimes the answer (or at least the bread crumb trail leading back to it) bubbles up through my subconscious. Sometimes it doesn’t. Honestly it probably does more harm than good to have someone talking all the time + game audio through my reviews but it’s a small price to pay for something I enjoy.

I love the idea of the bus ride videos. Relaxing hip hop is great and I like seeing the countryside roll by lazily. I’ll give it a try on the next review.

I started listening to this at around level 4. I had a playlist playing on my laptop of all the music on my hard drive, and this came up. It’s actually pretty chill and makes for good background music (it was designed for that, after all). I only really bother playing it if I have 60+ reviews at once, and I do it for new level lessons too. Someone else should try it out too and see how it works.

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How about a little bit of Necromagic?

Lately, I’ve found regular lofi streams a bit too plain to work to. I do better work if I have something that keeps me jumping in my chair. This is my new go-to playlist for reviews. It’s just about enough time for me to get in a hundred reviews, rusty as I am after vacationing for half a tough semester.

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