What do I do when there are 0 lessons for me?

So I’ve been studying the radicals ever 1-3 hours but I feels slow, really slow. What could I do in between reviews to help pass the time and help learn vocabulary. Any links or video that might help?


This might help. The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

Also, don‘t be disheartened if it feels slow in the beginning. The pace is going to pick up a lot faster than you would like.


The first few levels are really slow, as Tyger said it will pick up real fast you won’t ever have 0 lessons for more than a day, to give you an example, I’m only level 8, I’ve been at it for almost exactly 2 months, going at a pretty fast pace, and have 150 reviews per day on average, and lessons sit around 60 on average, going up and down obviously
Oh and I forgot, you can use Torii, it’s somewhere in the forums, it’s a vocab SRS app,


Enjoy the break while it lasts ;o;

I found bunpro worth checking out to learn/study grammar points. It’s very similar to wk. Also not free, but you get a while for the trial. It’s great to use alongside textbooks etc to study the grammar points you learn on the way.


Now’s a good time to start learning grammar. :slight_smile:


I took the opportunity to “pre-study” some of the Kanji and Vocab that were coming up to help me learn them before I had lessons.

I also recommend reading the Ultimate guide for WK:

It will explain how the system works so you can make the most of your time with wanikani. If you want to go fast or slow, this guide will help you with both.

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I was actually just reading Tofugu’s guide, and it makes a lot more sense now for the first few lessons to be so slow.

Basically it advises to start with Wanikani as soon as you can read hiragana. You’ll reinforce your hiragana knowledge with wanikani, and you should start learning katakana while waiting for your reviews.
If you’re a beginner, I recommend reading through the whole guide. It recommends getting comfortable with reading and building a vocabulary first, so when you start learning grammar you aren’t getting bogged down trying to look up vocabulary at the same time. It also has info on setting up an outside SRS program and Japanese textbooks, so you can start developing non-kanji vocabulary and grammar. By the time you have all of this set up, you should be a few lessons into Wanikani, started studying as a habit, and have outside material to reinforce your learning.

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