Am I missing out on something?

Um… I don’t know if the category is right… and this whole layout is confuzzling me tbh @.@
Uh, I’m Potato! Nice to meet you! So far I’ve only done one lesson and the reviews take hours to refresh, and there’s really nothing for me to do on here meanwhile. I’m lvl one(duh xD) and have even brushed up all the Kanji and vocab words with the radicals I know rn, but WK won’t let me advance with the reviews or lessons >_< So I’ve been wondering if I’m doing something wrong? Or is that all there is to WK and should I try some other place between reviews?


The pace will pick up as you go. If you want to speed it up as much as possible do your lessons as soon as they are available and it won’t be long before you have a pretty heavy workload.

In the meanwhile you could study Japanese grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation or other area of the language or culture. There’s a big list of resources you can use on the forums here.


It sounds like you need to read the WK Onboarding Series. This will walk you through the process of starting and let you know what to expect.

Welcome and the best with your studies!


That’s how SRS works. You’re required to wait x amount of hours for your next review, so the material can sink in before being tested again. If you get the item correct, that interval gets longer. It helps move items into your long-term memory more efficiently. It is painfully slow the first couple levels of WaniKani because there aren’t many items to start, but it will click a few levels in when you’ve unlocked a bunch of new items and your lesson/review piles get a lot bigger.

For now just check in twice a day for the few minutes it will take, and leave it at that. :slight_smile:

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If you keep going, in not too long you’ll have a hundred-plus lessons in your docket and wake up to a hundred-plus reviews that will overwhelm you and make you want to die (on some days). Just be patient.


Thank you all <3 This really helps :slight_smile:
Btw, would WK be sufficient to learn Kanji or would I need some other resources? I’m aware of the post with additional resources, but are they actually required? Wouldn’t it somehow interfere with the SRS?

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Depends what your goals are. Like if you want to take something like the Kanji Kentei, then you need some additional resources targeted for that. If you just want to generally get acquainted with a large number of kanji, WK is sufficient.

Haha no tests here, just tryna learn the language ^-^
For some context, I can understand Japanese enough to watch some simple anime without subtitles, meaning I’ve the basics of grammar down pat(I checked the grammar section in some site, not Tofugu, so I might be misguided), tho that might just be the weeb in me doing the heavy lifting. I’m mainly here for the reading part!

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