What could be the reasoning for leaving 潰 out?

What could be the reason for WK to leave 潰 out?

It is used in several common words (2x N2), e.g. 潰す

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It’s a candidate to include for sure. I recommend emailing them to tell them you would like to see it added. They review what content to include fairly regularly. I doubt they have something against it specifically. It’s just that they already do have a lot of content (which a vast majority of users never finish).


I am not sure what it would cost them to leave in 30-40 like these words?

Sure, we cannot have it all. And yet still…

I’m not sure what you mean. Their staff writes mnemonics and maintains the content for everything, so it costs them work hours to create more content. They pay employees to do this stuff. At a certain point, those work hours of making new items produce diminishing returns, because fewer and fewer users ever experience that content.

Adding a single kanji and a few words for it is one thing. I’m not sure where the “30-40” came from.


That’s a generally valid comment, diminished results, efficiency etc. But shouldn’t ALL kanji that are connected to several highly common words be added? I am not sure if this would be part of a SIGNIFICANT portion of the diminished results. Also, the 30-40 was based on the fact that I had somewhere read that 30-40 of the jouyou kanji were ‘missing’.

No one is arguing that they shouldn’t have more items. Did you email them about 潰?

I would just warn that “missing highly common words” and “missing jouyou kanji” are not necessarily the same category as each other. 朕, 璽, and 褐 (just to name a few off the top of my head) are all jouyou kanji that aren’t on WaniKani, but I wouldn’t say any of them are used in “highly common words.”

But yeah, 30-40 more kanji would be another level of content, when already not many people reach level 60, so yes, it would be part of the diminished returns.


You say this as if they are doing it on purpose. 潰 is used, like you said, mainly in only about 2 words, both of which actually just stem from the same meaning, crush. They are constantly adding things into WaniKani and this seems like a pretty low priority kanji to have on a necessary list. Should all Jouyou kanji be added eventually? Yes, I do agree. But it’s not like they’re intentionally leaving kanji out because they hate it or something. Since I’ve first started they’ve added a LOT of content and I’m sure it’ll get in eventually.


I am not sure if they are doing it on purpose. I didn’t want to imply that. But I’d hope they do in some sense, since they are already running this business for 8+ years? So I was thinking that maybe they used a method that resulted in them not including this. I was curious about their reasoning.

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Someone recently made a thread for kanji / vocab suggestions, so could be worth posting it over there also :slight_smile:

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Did you know WK originally only had 50 levels? In response to complaints like yours, levels 51-60 were added.

Of course, some people immediately wondered what levels beyond 60 would look like, and created the Fake Levels 61-70 thread. Your kanji appears to have been assigned to 62 in their thread, and if you get that far, you can always use the Fake Levels :wink:

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Eventually, you should learn on how to learn Kanji. Sometimes, vocabulary list isn’t to my liking either, and I can’t just wait for them to add it.

Otherwise, I would say that WaniKani cares, and added usage note for vocabularies in earlier levels. They might not really care that much for higher levels. (There are always more audience early on, too.)

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I don’t have any kind of insider knowledge, but I think their reasoning is something along the lines of … this is not a service intended to bring you to 100% fluency. It is intended to give you a head start by teaching you a large amount of kanji in a relatively easy/painless way. Eventually you will have to learn how to learn on your own though. To provide a really good service to a lot of people, it’s best to focus on the part of the course that the most people use, rather than endlessly creating more and more esoteric upper levels.


Closing this thread per the OP’s request! Thank you! :+1: