Access after unsubscribing

Hi! I’m thinking about subscribing bc I really enjoy WaniKani. Does anyone know though, will I still be able to access the materials if I unsubscribe once I finish all the levels in the future?

You won’t.

Ah okay…! Have any suggestions for what to do? Like do you think I should write it all down while I study using Wanikani or?

You could always resubscribe if you feel like reviewing after level 60. Also, I keep hearing this legend about a Christmas/end of the year discount on lifetime membership.

As far as writing down the material… I think it would be a huge waste of time and resources due to the sheer size of it. Not practical at all.


Thanks for your input!! That’s true, I could always resubscribe

Or, you know, get lifetime (which is totally worth it)


They should make a “Remembering The Wanikani” pdf/e-book for people when they reach lvl 60 :grin:


But maybe that’s the point; after burning everything (and everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) you don’t need WK anymore, because you should know all it taught you by then.

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