What book club should i join?

Im slightly confused on the levels of the book clubs so could someone explain? Background information on me , I passed for n4 and n3 and taking the n2 in december ! I don’t really read native content most of it is from japanese homework articles or random japanese people convos , I think i can read to an extent , but its a bit hard because i always try to translate it accidentally in my head so then i get confused on what its actually trying to say… I know for sure i can read a bit at least though since i got full marks on both my jlpts


I think Absolute Beginner Book Club and Beginner Book Club would be too easy for you, but if you have never read native content could be a place to start to build up your stamina.
Otherwise try to jump in the Intermediate Book Club and see? The current one is this one あなたも殺人犯になれる! ❗ (Intermediate Book Club) [ongoing - week 3] , it just started 3 weeks ago if you want to catch up and read along. You can try the first few pages for free on Bookwalker I believe.
You can also check out the Master List of Book Clubs for a list of all active and previous Book clubs, if you want to pick something else that has already been read.


If you haven’t read any native content, try an amazon or bookwalker preview of whatever the current club content is and see if you can read it easily. If it’s too easy - go a level up. If it’s too difficult, try a level lower. If it’s just right - Goldilocks zone.

Would probably start at the BBC and adjust from there.


I just remembered when this book club happend i already read the sample pages haha, I think i might start from there since theres not many words i dont know and the grammar isnt too bad i dont think .Thank you!


Ignore the levels and pick a series that actually interests you, it’ll serve you better.


Exactly what I was about to say. I mean granted, I passed N3 a long time ago, so the difficulty level isn’t really a concern for me, so I literally just go with whichever club’s selection I actually want to read. Currently reading books from Absolute Beginner, Beginner and Advanced (Intermediate club letting me down, here).


I keep telling myself this but then I pick up 森見登美彦’s books hoping this will FINALLY be my time to read his books. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand… I am still not ready (not without a great deal of trying in the process though!).

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