What are your plans for 2020? - iT'S ALREADY HERE LIKE IT FLEW

We all have dreams and goals, guys share your dreams or goals no matter how big or small for 2020
-maybe a trip to Japan, maybe a business brand owner…

-Let’s inspire and motivate each other


I want to do a few things in 2020:

  • Take the JLPT (N5 or N4, depending on what happens)
  • Come out and start my transition (finally)
  • Get a job / avoid becoming a NEET after I graduate in 2021
  • Get a group to play D&D with
  • Buy a WK sub (hopefully lifetime, but I want to not be stuck at Level 4)
  • Not be such a loser irl
  • Start that conlanging project that’s been on the backburner for five months now
  • Read Beastars in Japanese (I know, I already started because no one wanted a book club, but I want it to not be a one-time thing)

That’s a lot! I certainly hope that I can do all of that, because just looking at that list is exhausting…


To reach lvl 42+ WK including writing every kanji I learn.


My goals for 2020 are:

  • Pass the N4
  • Restart Wanikani and finish at least 20-25 levels
  • Eat healthier
  • Lose 60 pounds

Seems like not that much to be honest, but there’s a lot of smaller steps to take within each of those goals (and to be honest, restarting Wanikani is part of the “pass the N4” goal) so I should be busy for the year.


I haven’t actually thought about it a lot yet, so here goes nothing:

  • Instead of just talking about wanting to travel (for years and years), I’ll actually be travelling! February and March: 1 week Singapore :singapore:, 2 weeks Philippines :philippines:, 4 weeks Japan :jp: :smiley:
  • Continue being a game dev freelancer - get some nice projects, earn all the money, maybe learn a new language/technology/toolkit or two.
  • Continue losing weight - and hopefully more than in 2019, but hey, as long as the direction is right, I’m happy.
  • Continue working on being a more happy/resilient person.

Damn, @Haiena, that is a lot! Good luck with all of that! :slight_smile:

@cgsmith2: Not much? Losing 60 pounds is wild. I hope you can do it!

Also… where are your goals, @sofielulu? You can’t just start this thread and then leave us hanging.


I have tons of plans for 2020. Whether or not they’ll actually happen is another story, but I’ll definitely try my hardest to make them happen!

  • Finally read all the Japanese manga that’s been on my shelf forever. Seriously, I’ve read like… four >_>
  • Reach WaniKani level 60 (it WILL happen!)
  • Pass the N4, or N3 if I’m confident enough
  • Become perfectly fluent in Japanese
  • Stop being too shy to join the POLL thread
  • Actually start studying grammar instead of watching one video every two months which I totally haven’t been doing :eyes:
  • Get better at Python/learn another programming language (maybe go for a project-a-week type of thing?)

And I have one goal left for 2019: I’ve been on level 22 for waaay too long, so before 2020 starts, I will make it to level 23. :durtle_noice: Whoops well that didn’t happen. :sweat_smile: But it will! Eventually…


NEET terminology i see u fellow anon

  1. Go to a language exchange (almost) every week
  2. Take a weekly public speaking class
  3. Get a summer job or research placement
  4. Take the N2??

My 2020 goals are:

  • To enroll in a masters degree on urban planning
  • To go on a second trip to Japan
  • To continue learning Japanese via Wanikani (and hopefully be able to read Japanese Twitter) \o/

If I have enough time to cover N5 grammar, I miiiight take it too.

@TobiasW I’m from the Philippines! Hope you have fun here :smile:

  • Finally get a job
  • Move out and away from my family
  • Find a bf/gf/enbyfriend
  • Take care of the things causing my depression and achieve happiness
  • Start doing WK reviews again and hopefully end up burning most of the content by the end of the year
  • Read a book fully in Japanese with 90%+ comprehension and without looking anything up
  • Practice drawing and become decent at it
  • Put my coding skills to work and make a game or some other kind of software and monetize it.
  • Be gay do crimes

I bet I will, thanks!

Any tips on what I shouldn’t miss? And maybe on what’s the best way to get to know new people there? I’ll mostly travel Palawan probably, and I hope that joining tours helps a bit with the whole solo traveller thing :slight_smile:


Maintain my composure in the face of constant change.

  • Keep going with Wanikani nice and steady if possible
  • Do my Japanese anki cards about Tae Kim Grammar course
  • Finish the French course on Babbel
  • Do some verb conjugation on Memrise or anki on French
  • Read some book and finish others
  • Keep going with my guitar classes
  • Pass the entry exam to be able to work as a teacher
  • Study a bit of English grammar, maybe a video of 5-10 min every day, if possible
  • Keep waching anime
  • Find the one piece
  • Keep being handsome :kissing_closed_eyes:

These, for now, a year can go by pretty quickly but it’s still quite a while.


Palawan is definitely a must! Where else have you planned to go? Sagada and Bohol are great too, if you could still fit them in.

Yeah, local tours would be a good way to go. Everyone’s mostly friendly, especially millenials and the local tour guides themselves. Aside from tours, you could spend your evenings and/or go party in restobars too :slight_smile:

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2020 plans:

  • Officially propose a viable thesis proposal for my masters degree
  • (Goal, but really depends on luck) Get a regular status on my job
  • Reach level 60 on WK by end of the year
  • Be able to read that novel that triggered why I needed to learn how to read Japanese in the first place
  • Be able to read manga and only looking up words in the dictionary once or twice per chapter

Hey, I know you’re not asking me, but my job is mostly concerned in Palawan (especially Puerto Princesa). I’m from Philippines too!

It’s not really uncommon to see foreigners in Palawan, so people are very understanding even if you speak English but it helps to know Tagalog. One thing you should do before going there is to know the prices of local vehicle fare, because locals tend to overprice specially seeing you’re a foreigner. Other than that, you can surf the net on the nice places to go! Be prepared for the heat because its so much hot here even if its winter in other countries.


Wow! That’s amazing. the first step is planning and actually putting those goals down in a note. I’m proud of you and I’m sure you’ll achieve them one by one, don’t forget to start small. Start with the ones you know you have the time to do now without procrastination
Remember, time waits for no one, we make time for ourselves


Goodluck! Start with something or words or lists to accomplish each day, and trust me, you’ll do it if you’re determined! :slight_smile:

Good! You’re driven to achieve it and that’s awesome!! You go!!

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Love your enthusiasm and drive!! Goodluck with your goals!! Can’t wait to see you around the world.
I’ll be telling everyone about my goals, you’re right…I didn’t even expect this much replies from everyone, I’m so glad
As soon as I made the thread, I slept off XD

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OMG!! one of my goals is to learna programming language as well (C++ and Python) I have already started learning Html
Goodluck with all your goals!! avoid procrastination and when it’s time to do it, just do it, don’t hesitate, you’ll be amazing!

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