What are the best readers / audiobook resources besides Satori Reader that you know of?

I like the features of Satori Reader–the high quality audio, translations, etc. My only issues are that the content selection is somewhat limited, and I’d like to branch out beyond graded readers. What other applications, extensions, etc have you used with similar features?

I have recently started using the kindle store. It seems good so far. However, there is a sentence copying limit, which is pretty annoying.

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It sounds like you should try reading some native content. Usually manga with furigana is a good place to start since furigana makes it easier to look up all the words you don’t know and having pictures helps give context.


Yeah I was implying native content. Manga with furigana is great, although I’d prefer to have direct integration with a dictionary, with audio being a plus.

The Kindle idea is good, although I’m not if I’ll be to handle a JP to JP dictionary yet.

If you dont have a kindle or you were planning on buying one, I just want to mention that there is also a kindle app available. I have it on android and pc, although I dont use it since I prefer physical. It does have the integrated dictionary (I believe you have to download though)

Kindle has JP-EN dictionary too. Just click a word and get the translation.

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Aside from manga, which doesn’t have any of the features you requested, I’d recommend japanese.io as the next most-obvious step. It’s an assisted reader that comes with a number of different texts and the ability to add custom texts.

If the texts in the “classics” section are too hard for you, I’d recommend hopping onto NHK web easy, disabling the furigana and then copying the text into japanese.io so you can have easy definition lookups. Eventually you can ween your way off of that and transition into NHK news easy article, manga, etc. without the help of reading assistants.

Kindle is cool but it lacks dictionary lookups for manga, meaning you’d have to transition to children’s novels/short stories which are a big step up in difficulty.


Watanoc (website)

  • simple articles with native audio

Manabi Reader (iOS)

  • reader with tools (can import url)
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You can get audiobooks from audiobook.jp. I bought this gem. It is a fitness guide read by the voice actor of All-Might (you can listen to a preview, it’s amazing). Unlike amazon they also don’t restrict international customers.