Japanese language books in US Kindle store

So, I just got a new kindle paperwhite. After a bit of investiGoogling, I determined that it can only be registered in either the US store, or, sneakily, in the Japanese store. I plan on reading mostly in English, but am hoping to get several books in Japanese as well and am looking for recommendations from other Kindle users. Let the オススメ begin!!

I have two so far:

Japanese Reader Collection Volume 1: Hikoichi: The Easy Way to Read Japanese Folklore Tales and Stories (Japanese Edition) This is a decent Japanese/English reader, I’d put it at upper beginner level. N4ish, probably.

short short stories in 200 words (Japanese Edition) I haven’t had time to dig into this one yet, but I have a long flight coming up. Besides it was only 99 cents.

Any suggestions anyone? I am at high N4 or low N3 level.


I started this last night. Pretty easy, actually, especially since the stories are so short. They really seem a bit more like poems than stories. I’d also put this at high N4 or low N3 level.

The dictionary feature in the new kindle paperwhite is pretty nice. You just click on a word to look it up in a J->J dictionary, and all of the words you look up are added to your “word bank” on the kindle for later review.

I use my japanese amazon account because I found that I can find books in English easier on it than I can books in Japanese on my North American account. Best of both worlds.
I typically download a lot of slice of life manga like Flying Witch and whatnot in addition to lifestyle books like 「ぼくたちに、もうモノは必要ない。」or various books about cuisine I’m interested in. Just simple everyday language things. That way I don’t stumble across a lot of words I don’t know which makes it more enjoyable to read while still learning stuff in a way that is pretty practical.

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