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I´m about to finish the Japanese From Zero book 4 and was looking for the 5th one in the internet, since the 4th said that there is another one. But I couldn´t find anything about it except for that it isn´t released yet. And I didn´t find anything about a possible release date either, so I assume that it wont release in the near future. I am pretty sure that there is still a lot of grammar that the first 4 books didn´t cover yet, but I don´t have any experience with other japanese textbooks except JFZ .But I heared that genki and minna no nihongo are also popular textbooks so I probably have to switch to either one of those or some other book, or maybe an online course. But I actually would like to keep learning by myself with a book since i´m used to it from school. The problem is that I have no idea where I have to start learning and where to get in. Maybe there is someone who had the same or a similar problem as me and could suggest me where I have to get in in another textbook. Or maybe JFZ 1-4 already covered most of the grammar and now I should enhance my vocabulary or practice coversations. But I don´t know, thats why I´m asking you guys again :smiley:

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Hi! I use both Japanese from Zero and Genki. Personally, I like how Japanese from Zero is structured, but Genki is what my Instructor uses. I don’t necessarily think you’ll benefit from Genki or another text book if you’ve already finished Japanese from Zero #4. Have you considered taking advanced learning classes? You could have an instructor assess what level you’re at and recommend what to do. Also, reading actual literature rather than a textbook may benefit you at this point!


Hey, taking classes is sadly not an option for me, since the next big city which offers japanese classes is by train more than 1 hour away, but I think I´ll maybe look for an online class. I already started reading a book, but I didn´t come that far yet, since I was busy with grammar and kanji, but I think I will now focus a lot more on reading.
Thanks for your answer :smiley:

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JFZ book 5 is actually just around the corner. The author has mentioned in his Youtube channel that the expected release date is later this month or November.

You can also move on to “An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese” or “Tobira”.


(Surely only the first book should be Japanese from Zero. Once you’ve finished that, now you’re doing Japanese from One. :stuck_out_tongue:)


I’ve been surfing around trying to choose my own material, and saw that the author of the Zero series just mentioned on Youtube that if you’ve finished 1-4, then you don’t need Genki 1. Also, as Gabrielmpf mentioned, Zero 5 is going to the publisher soon, and is expected to be out for the upcoming holiday season.


And some legends even say that it goes up to Japanese from one hundred…I guess I’ll still need some centuries until I’m finished.


I am still only on book 2 (have bought all four), do you feel like everything basic has been covered? I have only used jfz and tofugo for grammer, and wonder if i should invest in some other books.

I only used JFZ so far, so I don´t know if everything basic has been covered yet and I also don´t know where “basic” japanese ends and where “intermediate” japanese begins. But I think that JFZ covers most of the important grammar, which you need for normal conversations in everyday life.

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