What a time to be alive

Same, it’s powerful.


Given how the SRS (Spaced Repetition System) works, there is a maximum possible speed at which it’s possible to progress on WaniKani; 6 days 20hours per level. Most people would probably say though that this isn’t strictly required and that you’ll be better off setting up a manageable routine. Doing twenty lessons per day is the recommendation I see most commonly and keeps you reasonably busy with reviews while not overwhelming you.

That maximum speed is because you can only progress to the next level when you’ve gotten the majority of kanji for the current level to Guru. When you level up, you get just over half of the kanji for that level unlocked and you must get these up to Guru before you unlock the rest for that level.

So if you look at the maths this way:

Unlock Kanji = 0hrs
Apprentice 1 → 2 = 4hrs later
Apprentice 2 → 3 = 8hrs after that
Apprentice 3 → 4 = 24hrs after that
Apprentice 4 → Guru = 48hrs after that

So the total levelling time for first batch = 3 days 12 hours
You then unlock the next batch and must spend 3 days 12 hours again on those

I wouldn’t be overly impatient, because the reviews will start to come in more frequently as you progress, because…

You’ll see items you have at Guru 1 after a week. Then again after two weeks. Then again after a month. Then again after four months. So the longer you progress, the more reviews you’ll start to see coming back from the earliest stuff you did. Once that happens, you’ll have reviews galore.

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Hmm I guess I’ll have to level up a few before I get more reviews. I would like to do like 100 a day or so because I literally do nothing all day so I got plenty time. I pre-studied all the kanji and vocab so when they come up to learn I know them all. I think I’ll level up in a few days, hopefully

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I’m doing about a hundred reviews a day. I’d say if you take on 20-25 lessons daily you’ll be up to 100 reviews a day in a week or so.

I just starting having guru 2 reviews coming up this past level, so that will get you there. Wanikani doesn’t work force by force, it works by sustained consistency. If you feel like you can do more, why not join a genki study group or add bunpro for grammar.


You should add this to the 0/0 streak thread!

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I’m curious to know what level your studied the kanji and vocab up to and how you’re finding your memory holding out?

If you’ve finding that WaniKani isn’t taking up enough of your time, you might also find it useful using something like BunPro to practice grammar, for example. Though as @oryantge says, if you do 20ish lessons a day, you’ll be up to regular reviews in no time!

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One thing I have learned is not to try to shuffle the order too much on new reviews. I leveled up twice without tackling the vocab and that was a MISTAKE.

Script users BEWARE. Me mindful if you’re going that route.

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haha. this might the only time this happens for a while!

Well if this isn’t sarcasm… Wait, it isn’t? Well, I guess it is a good time to be alive…

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I mean, objectively it’s a pretty dark timeline we find ourselves in in a lot of ways.

On the other hand, lots of us (for better or worse) are finding ourselves at home with a lot more time than usual and, I’ll admit, it has been making doing my reviews and lessons much easier.

Yes, fair enough. I do not think nowadays good, really, and that might be because everyone’s situation is different. It’s true that I have more time now, but being a student while all this mess sucks…
But it gave me the chance to finish WK early, so there’s a good thing to be thankful for. Perhaps you’re right.

I can understand that. I work at a major research university and it has been extremely challenging for both staff and students to adjust to the changes that have had to be made to deal with the situation, from having to buy a lot of computing equipment to ship off site for our staff to continue to develop course material, filming lectures from home, etc. Students having to prepare final year projects using remote systems, being unable to have physical interaction with their thesis supervisors, etc.

It’s a whole mess. I feel like we have to look for the bright spots where we can in order to keep our heads in these trying times :slight_smile:

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You might like Torii - a wani kani style vocab app.

You might want to try the kana only mode if you’re new to kanji.

I tell myself so everyday. It sometimes works.

I feel ya. Just remember, trite as it sounds, that we’re all in this together and we’ll get through this as best we can.

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Why, thank you. I wasn’t expecting this. I’ll remember your words :).

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Same! I did this for about three levels… big mistake

Oh, I’ve been slowly working through the stack of reviews for at least a month…or is it two months…time has no meaning anymore haha. I’ll check out that thread, though! I wanted to get my reviews down to around 100-150 a day before I started doing new lessons again. I have a finite amount of study time so I needed to get it to a manageable point. I may get slammed again when those reviews eventually come back around, though…

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this says it all:

My longest gap was so long it doesn’t even show on the heatmap… (it is cut off)

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