Back on track for 2021!

2020 was a rough year in many ways, but I’m finally back on track with reasonable goals! In the beginning I was rushing through levels too fast and then I burned out. I think I’ve finally found a pace that works for me.

Roughly 15 days per level, or 2 levels per month. 15 lessons on weekdays (10 vocab + 5 kanji/radicals) and on weekends only reviews, no lessons.

I think this will put me in a good place for the N2 in July!

What pace works best for you? How long did it take you to figure it out?


May I ask how you generated that graph? It looks really helpful!

I’ve restarted, but the pace I found to best work for me when I last attempted WK (I think I reached level 10 or so before my life overwhelmed my ability to keep up) was to just. Not stop. When a lesson came up, I did it. When reviews came up, I did them. I could never get my timing right to break things up like you have (I always start levels at night… I don’t know why, it’s a terrible habit, but I do) so I just plowed through things as they came up. The few times I held off on doing lessons/reviews to try and get things on some semblance of a normal schedule, I forgot to do them entirely.

It worked, as long as I was honest and didn’t install a mod that allowed me to overwrite answers.


You’ll need to tell it your API token, which you can find in the user settings in WaniKani proper (not here in the forums).


That’s what I did at first, but I got overwhelmed by the reviews when I operated that way, especially when I’d get huge batch of master or enlightened kanji all at once.

I’m on a pretty regular schedule now, but the reason I don’t to lessons in the weekend is because I can’t keep a consistent schedule then.

It also helps to use the Tsurukame app so that I get push notifications whenever reviews are available, and do them right away.


Maybe you could try to do the lessons in the morning/mid-day instead of at night.
At least for me it’s working way better this way. The first review will come up 4h after you learned the lesson, so if you do the lesson at night there most likely will be many more hours between your lesson and the first review.
So I always try to do the lessons in a way that I can do the first review at least at the same day and I think it helps me memorize the word better. Usually I even manage first and second review at the first day which is a good foundation I guess.


Tsurukame has been such a game changer! (Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I’m still figuring out this site.) Thanks to Tsurukame I am getting a bit better at being aware of when reviews are coming in. I’m also getting a bit better at walking away from a mountain of reviews when it’s 1am and I really should be sleeping. How has your schedule been working out?

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You do not need to complete all the reviews immediately.

If you have not read this beginner guide, this is a good starting place to form your plan Chaya san :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:


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