Weird Sentence for お兄さん


So I saw this sentence for the big brother vocabulary word, and this sentence didn’t make sense, at least the translation


The mailman’s face was totally my type today.

Is this a different usage of oniisan, or just a complete bug?


It can also mean young man


what kumirei said
お兄さん young man (or around your age)
お姉さん young woman (or around your age)
おじさん man (around your parents age)
おばさん woman (around your parents age)
おじいさん old man (around your grandparents age)
おばあさん old woman (around your grandparents age)

i may be wrong, they may just be rough ages not related to you… anyone?


From 大辞林

A word used to call, or address, a young man with a feeling of familiarity.

It doesn’t require you know the person. It just sounds friendly.


Ok that makes more sense xD thank you. Otherwise I was thinking “why would you call your mailman that 0_o”


especially because calling people “you” in various forms can be seen as rude, without knowing their name it is considered more polite to call them a familial name


Yes, if you need to get a shop employee’s attention from a distance, you can yell すみません! but many people use お兄さん or お姉さん.


when i was in Japan i was never brave enough to call people お兄さん or お姉さん i would always just say すみません haha


Yeah I don’t think I would either xD thank you guys for being so informative though~ :slight_smile: