Weird profile bug

I noticed this 30 minutes ago, it seemed odd, because I don’t have this profile pic, I went to profile and it showed me the stats of a different user with the name “Vikutoru” not mine as you can see. I logged out and and back in and it stayed like this.

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I have the same problem :thinking:
Same wall of shame and everything

Me too, I’m honestly wondering if its a prank of some kind


inb4 Wanikani got hacced

It seems I am not the only one.

Omg it freaked me out so much lol… :woman_facepalming:

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I thought it was one of my scripts ha

大丈夫です ! :slightly_smiling_face:


I just tweeted them about it but yes I got that too. I just thought I got a cute new profile picture because mine was the default gravitar one.

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I thought I got hacked. Scared the fashizle out of me. Seems only a bug.

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Thanks! I missed this completely.

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No worries! ^^

Interesting. I was @Cyvus (who is apparently not on the forums)

poor guy has over 400 apprentice items


I got FREAKED out
Like who is this
Am I accidentally using someone else’s account


So was I. . .
But the twitter account exists.

I’m affected, too. Same one as the OP. I was very confused and startled.Won’t do reviews right now, I guess.

Both on Windows laptop and phone for me.

Edit: Just went back to normal for me, too. ^^

I zucced myself anyway, removed my subscription

Ah! I’m fixed now!

Everyone’s accounts is fine. I was updating how we cache pages and I made a boo boo. No sensitive information was leaked. Just visuals like avatars and profile information (which is public) was being displayed incorrectly. Sorry for the confusion.


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