Weird loading error

So I’m not sure if this was caused by a userscript - it happened after I modified the list of fonts on the Jitai script. I refreshed the WaniKani dashboard page and got this mess:

I refreshed again and it vanished, but I figured it was worth reporting in case something has gone horribly wrong somewhere, or in case it happens again/to anyone else.

Userscripts installed:
WaniKani Open Framework
WaniKani Ultimate Timeline
WaniKani Reorder Ultimate 2
WaniKani Double-Check
WaniKani Show Specific SRS Level In Reviews
WaniKani Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer
WaniKani: Progress Percentages

My browser sometimes borks the styling too. I think it’s just something that happens from time to time.


Looks like the styling information did not load in time. For many sites, this information is loaded from a different place than the page content (did not check for WK though) so those loading issues can occur. Maybe there was something weird going on somewhere in the Internet for a second… Like Belthazar said, it’s nothing to worry about; just reload and it should fix itself.

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This happens to me mostly when my internet connection is spotty. It is always fixed once I check and make sure the internet connection is sound.

And yes, I hit the F5 button hard


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