Weird bug where review constantly repeats

Basically, I just got done with doing 122 or so reviews, and at the end I saw I had one more to do, but it was the last review I had just done in that session, which was 上(kanji). So I just went ahead and did it again, and then everytime I finished the session it kept giving me that review to do. When I exited to the dashboard, it also said I had one review to do, which was for 上. Is there some weird bug with this kanji when it reaches Enlightened 4 or something? Repeating the reviews doesn’t add anymore experience to the kanji, since the next time I review that kanji should be its burn. Anyone have any solutions? Will the issue fix itself when the next reviews in the cue come up?

I’ve also been experiencing a similar bug. I’m able to clear the review once I disable the scripts I’m running. The bug doesn’t happen every time which is odd but since disabling scripts fixes it for me, I’m content to let other people figure it out eventually.

If you’re running scripts, disable them and try again.

Also, looks like there’s an older thread already about this issue, in case your thread gets closed @AidanBd

We have couple of threads about it already… feel free to look into them:

Also have a look into the following post by the WK team:

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