Week 7: 狼と香辛料 - Spice and Wolf 🐺

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狼と香辛料 - Spice and Wolf :wolf: Home Thread

Week 7


Start Date: Oct 08
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Ok. It took me a while to admit to myself that I want to drop the book. Today I finally made up my mind…

There are two reasons for this, both very personal:

  1. I’m currently reading another book (海辺のカフカ) and another series (Flesh&Blood) which are both pretty openly focused on erotic/sexual stuff, and having this low-key eroticism that was going on in this book (at least up to where I stopped reading) in addition to these two others was just too much :sweat_smile: So this one is mainly about bad timing, I guess.
  2. It was easy to follow the world building around the travelling merchant and the wolf god, but as soon as the financial stuff started I felt that this would require much more brain capacity than I’m currently willing to devote to it (again, it pretty much collides with Flesh&Blood which fills every bit of my brain with English & Spanish history :sweat_smile:) - I knew it would be about finance but I didn’t know they’d invent their own financial systems or whatever they are doing there, which so far required quite a bit of my attention… This is also about bad timing, I guess.

So, to sum this up, at the moment I’m just not curious to learn more about this world, and I feel like this is a bad premise altogether. I guess I will continue with Flesh&Blood and then at some point get back to this one.


People have nightmares about being… forgotten? :caught_durtling: Cannot relate, such a thought has never even crossed my mind :sweat_smile: I do feel bad for Holo though.


Was definitely caught off guard by that chase sequence given the amount of action this book has had so far - fantastic bait and switch by the author.

In hindsight the relatively low effort they put to hide Holo’s nature was pretty naive. (They couldn’t have at least given her a fake name?) Very curious how the merchant company guy will react - will he even believe Lawrence? Something not really made clear so far is what people in general believe about demi-humans/deities like Holo (at least when not being presented with direct physical evidence of their existence). Are there areas of the world where they are living openly? Or at least where they were, before getting persecuted by the church?