Week 4: 狼と香辛料 - Spice and Wolf 🐺

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狼と香辛料 - Spice and Wolf :wolf: Home Thread

Week 4


Start Date: Sep 17
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Week Start Date Chapter Start Page Page Count
Week 4 Sep 17 Chapter 3 Start (until そんな中のうちの一人に、予想どおり件のゼーレンの姿があったのだった。) 105 34

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Well I’m definitely not going to forget 時折 or 胸中 after this book.

Gotta love Lawrence just wanting to talk shop while the apple stall gets further and further away. Good for Holo speaking up though.

Not sure how many apples I could eat in one setting but I’m fairly confident it’s less than 8. Then again I’m not a wolf deity.