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Week 6


Start Date: May 15th
Previous Part: Week 5
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 6 May 15th Chapter 6 44

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This week also has 7 parts. :eyes:

Finally we see 犀川 explicitly not smoke for a few minutes. He really is a chain smoker.

I enjoyed the VR sequence we got. At first I thought 萌絵 was dreaming, since it started so suddenly. 四季博士 appearing in data form (or was it?) wasn’t super surprising, but might have been a new idea at the time this book was written.

It started pretty slow, but now I’m really enjoying this book a lot! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Maybe that’s why this week’s reading felt so short.


oh yes :durtle_noice:

First sentence of part 4:


Made me think of a certain meme template


brain whyyyy xD

Fun fact: It made me laugh so hard it disrupted my reading session. When I tried to read again, I couldn’t stop thinking about the meme :joy:


My condolences. :grin:



I thought this chapter was a bit slower than the last two or three, but still very enjoyable. Also, if you were dreaming of learning names of tools in Japanese, now’s your chance!

I like how all the researchers seem to be a bunch of geeks with their rooms full of toys. It does look ​like Saikawa would fit right in.

I also laughed at 「さっそく煙草を吸うことにした。しばらく禁煙すると本当に美味しい」He hadn’t smoked for like an hour, tops??


I enjoyed that whole episode too. I wonder how Saikawa would be doing if he were still alive in 2021. (Somewhat doubt that he would be with the amount he smokes though, haha.)


Finally finished the reading for week 6! I enjoyed this chapter. I think my favorite part was 島田 and 萌絵 talking, because they are just so not on the same page about anything, lol. It was great when 島田 mentioned 犀川 feeling dead inside to her and 萌絵 was full of indignant disagreement. Or the part where 萌絵 felt a chill because 島田 said she had no interest in men. In other news, 島田 is my new favorite character. :joy:

Ah, I also thought it was funny that 萌絵 and 犀川 split up to talk to people. Aren’t all of these people suspects?! Shouldn’t you maybe not be alone with any one person??


I have a headache which is stopping me from thinking too much about the mystery, but I guess my previous idea doesn’t work if the robot can’t open and close the doors on its own. On the other hand it seems likelier than back then that Magata Shiki probably did know she was going to die though, so I still think she was involved(and that the robot is a part of it too, because why spend so much time on it if not? )


I am have just got to the end of this chapter. I’m really enjoying this book so far but also I’m really bad at figuring out mysteries so I kind of just have little bits of peices of wild theories that I will put here under spoilers to I can laugh at how wrong I am later.

Wild theories:

1. I think that the Lego and sewing in the room wasn’t being done by 真賀田 博士but by ミチル to develop her motor skills or something?
2. I suspect that ミチル had a major role in 真賀田’s murder but am pretty stumpted by the murder on the helipad.
3. I kind of vaguely suspect all of the main company people. Maybe a few of them are acting together? Could they maybe want to install the younger sister as she would be easily controlled/not actually have a say in the direction of the company. Could 真賀田’s murder by ミチル have been set up somehow and then one of the other characters killed the chairman on the helipad? Who knows, I’m grasping at straws haha.
4. I irrationally suspect baseball cap guy. It kept mentioning in a previous chapter that he kept flipping round his baseball cap which seemed like a weird detail. My wildest theory that I’m making just to make an outlandish theory is that forward facing baseball cap guy is okay but backwards facing baseball cap guy is evil :japanese_ogre: