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Week 5


Start Date: May 8th
Previous Part: Week 4
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 5 May 8th Chapter 5 48

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Note to @Redglare : chapter 5 has 7 parts. :wink:


Yay, thanks! :laughing:


Moving into Chapter 5, my most burning question is…

How many cigarettes does 犀川 have left? There are 20 cigarettes in a pack. It seems like the phrase “犀川は煙草に火をつける” has appeared at least 20 times. Did he bring more than one pack to the lab? Or will he soon have to go back to the campsite to get more from the carton he brought with him for the trip…???


I haven’t read the chapter yet. :slight_smile:

There was a mention of 犀川 having brought extra cigarettes when they first found out they’d be staying at the lab overnight a couple chapters back. I’m not sure it it was mentioned how much extra he brought specifically, but we can assume he had at least one full pack as well as the one he was already using at that point.

I’m expecting him to run out at some point, haha.


Finished chapter 5! I’m enjoying this book despite a new twitch that occurs every time 犀川 or anyone else lights a cigarette, starts smoking, 美味しそうに smokes, exhales smoke, puts out a cigarette, reaches to get another cigarette, etc. Good thing it’s just a twitch and not a drinking game.

Also, did anyone else laugh when 望月 has on a different color baseball cap?? :joy:

In terms of actual plot, things are moving along! I love locked room mysteries, and this locked room has quite a few layers–the apartment itself, the lower area, the whole facility and its security, the island and its general lack of to-and-fro movement… Good stuff. I was also glad to get more information about the multiple personality angle. I was a little concerned when 萌絵 was on the wild drinking spree or whatever, though she recovered quickly! I remain creeped out by the murderous doll mentions. And I like our main characters moving even more fully into investigative position–I don’t care about the realism of it. :grin: The people who work at this facility seem to have unpredictable morals and such anyway, and they know 萌絵 got the gigantic (unprecedented?) favor of an interview with their imprisoned 博士. Maybe they dimly sense going along with 萌絵 is self-preservation, considering all her コネ, lol.

Close to halfway through!


Saikawa does. Smoke. A LOT. But at least he knows it’s bad.

This still bugs me :stuck_out_tongue: I have trouble getting past how unrealistic this is, which is a shame because everything else is indeed the start of a good murder mystery.


That’s fair! I hope you find a way to get past it, or (even better) they do better at explaining it from now on. :smiley: