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Week 4


Start Date: May 1st
Previous Part: Week 3
Next Part: Week 5


Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 4 May 1st Chapter 4 48

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Note to self: Chapter 4 has seven parts :writing_hand:


Just barely keeping up. I tend to finish the current chapter just at the beginning of the weekend.


Lots of things happening again, including more smoking, baseball caps, and 弓永’s moustache (and sexism). And a title drop!

I have a hard time accepting how well 犀川 and 萌絵 are dealing with the whole situation. First of all, with a second dead body, everybody should be panicking and wondering who might be next. 犀川 and 萌絵 don’t seem scared at all. No, their first instinct is to turn into detectives, and everybody’s playing along, even though they don’t even belong in this research center in the first place.



Hahaha :rofl:


Finished week 4’s reading today! The part I liked best was getting to explore all of 真賀田博士’s prison lair living space. :blush: