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Week 4


Start Date: May 1st
Previous Part: Week 3
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 4 May 1st Chapter 4 48

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Note to self: Chapter 4 has seven parts :writing_hand:


Just barely keeping up. I tend to finish the current chapter just at the beginning of the weekend.


Lots of things happening again, including more smoking, baseball caps, and 弓永’s moustache (and sexism). And a title drop!

I have a hard time accepting how well 犀川 and 萌絵 are dealing with the whole situation. First of all, with a second dead body, everybody should be panicking and wondering who might be next. 犀川 and 萌絵 don’t seem scared at all. No, their first instinct is to turn into detectives, and everybody’s playing along, even though they don’t even belong in this research center in the first place.



Hahaha :rofl:


Finished week 4’s reading today! The part I liked best was getting to explore all of 真賀田博士’s prison lair living space. :blush:


Finally finished this chapter now. Sorry I’m late :pensive:
This is still the fastest Japanese reading pace I’ve ever had though!

Quick question: Did anyone pick up on a hidden meaning in 犀川’s macadamia nut comment or is that just supposed to show that his brain is fried from lack of sleep?



If I remember correctly, he says himself afterwards that the best jokes are nonsensical ones and it doesn’t make sense. So I’m taking that at face value and assuming there’s no deeper meaning (except maybe he really doesn’t like macadamia nuts) unless it comes up again.


(This got long :laughing: I’m surprised there was no prior discussion about the actual mystery though, considering a lot of stuff that seems like it at least could be relevant happened in the chapter)

I kind of wonder why they dismissed the possibility of Magata Shiki’s own involvement in her death so easily. While I’m guessing it won’t end up being the case because it seems like it’d be too obvious and the book isn’t even halfway through yet, I figure you could probably at least come up with a workable hypothesis for how she + one accomplice could have carried out the murders.

I don’t know why they just ignored the robot for the most part either, but if it’s dexterous enough(or has enough time, which it probably did) it seems like she could just have written the messages herself, and then made the robot kill her(since it could open the door I assume it would probably also be capable of holding stuff, sending out the robot, etc.). Putting on the wedding dress would probably be too complicated but she could have done that herself. Then it could have cut off the limbs and disposed of some evidence and later sent out the other robot with the corpse on it and rushed right back inside to lock itself inside the room again after, and the “murder” would be successfully accomplished without anyone entering the room.

It could also work out motive-wise since it seems like Magata Shiki’s sister would be the one that could “benefit” the most from her death, so since Magata Shiki already doesn’t exactly seem entirely rational I figure it’s possible she could have seen it as a(somewhat twisted) gift to her sister or something like that(though even without that potential motive the chapter also happens to contain a comment on how meaningless jokes apparently are the best ones and to me Magata Shiki seems like the kind of person that could potentially commit an overly complex murder just for the same of an utterly pointless attempt at a “joke” so you’d have a second potential motive there too.)

She also talked about a doll having killed her parents in the first chapter if I recall correctly, and according to the conversation near the end of the chapter I think the doll was apparently called Michiru. I think one of the messages also said something about needing to leave a Michiru behind as well, and the robot was also conveniently enough indeed left behind, so it would match the murder from fifteen years earlier as well(with the robot standing in for the doll). Aside from that it also checks out that she’s supposedly a genius and that the source of the errors that happened in the lab isn’t obvious to the other characters, and she seems the likeliest to be able to accomplish something like that with how the book has portrayed her so far.

The main problem would be that an accomplice would be needed for the second murder, but there are plenty of people that could have done that as well. I guess basically everyone except the people that were with Saikawa and Moe while the murder happened could have done it. I also don’t really know what motive an accomplice could have with what’s been stated about the overly many characters so far(it’s not like I remember everything either because there’s just way too much information being given to really keep track, like for instance I could have forgotten something that makes my potential murder plan outlined above not actually work out).

(I guess it’s possible and probably even likely that most of this is wrong, but I figure it’s more fun to write it out every chapter before I continue reading and see how wrong I was and how what I thought about the case changed than to just wait and keep reading.)

In other news I think I’m finally getting the hang of who the characters are and how their names are read! (only took almost half the book :laughing: )


Sorry it’s a bit frustrating not being able to reply, but it’s hard to comment without spoiling the plot when you’ve already finished reading the book :stuck_out_tongue: You’re making valid points though!


I got to agree with @miwuc , I wouldn’t really know how to comment either. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading your thought process! It feels a bit like reading the book once more, recalling what the plot was like and what we already knew and what we didn’t at that stage. So it’s not in vain, although we are so silent :slight_smile: