Week 4: 幻惑の死と使途 - Illusion acts like Magic

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Week 4


Start Date: Jun 24
Previous Part: Week 3
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Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Week 4 Jun 24 Chapter 7 85

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Proper Noun Readings

Previous Proper Nouns
Name Reading Notes Proof
有里 匠幻 ありさと しょうげん Elderly magician (Week 1)
簔沢 杜萌 みのさわ ともえ Moe’s friend
浜中 深志 はまなか ふかし Saikawa’s student
犀川 創平 さいかわ そうへい
西之園 萌絵 にしのその もえ
蒲郡 がまごおり place name
吉川 よしかわ member of the magicians’ show
有里タケル ありさと performing magician
有里ナガル ありさと performing magician
ミカル girl involved with the magicians
滝野ヶ池緑地公園 park in Nagono
(Week 2)
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Sorry, I’m a week behind. Just finished Chapter 3. :sweat_smile:


Don’t worry, I’m currently 2 weeks behind :sob:


Did you ever finish reading 封印再度?

I am bit confused about the state of the investigation. If ナガル is the one who ordered the casket, wouldn’t he be the prime suspect in the theft of the the corpse? It didn’t sound to me like he was in particular trouble. The police just asked him to tell them who made the casket pretty please and he said no and that’s it? Did ナガル not know about the double bottom somehow?

And unrelated, but despite still begin skeptical about the state of Saikawa & Moe’s relationship, I love it when they have bonding moments/conversations, they’re really cute together ^^


It seems like 萌絵 is becoming more ‘human’ in her reactions - at the same time, she’s really taking her aunt’s ‘be a model woman, present yourself well at any time’ stick to heart. I think that’s an interesting contrast.

… More than the investigation itself, the character development stuck out to me this chapter. I thought this section in particular was easy to read, with a lot of dialogue. :slight_smile:


To elaborate on this, they also didn’t seem to investigate the message that was shown at the end of the funeral, and that seemed to predict the disappearance. It all looked super staged. Who organized the funeral? Shouldn’t they be a huge suspect? And they didn’t seem to consider the possibility that this whole murder and disappearance was made for the purpose of making 有里匠幻 famous, which the very beginning of the book alludes to in my opinion (of course the cops don’t have access to this, and it may just be a red herring). They simply dismissed the possibility of suicide because he couldn’t have used the knife himself, but there are a lot more possibilities I think.