Week 4: コーヒーが冷めないうちに (Intermediate BC)

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Week 4


Start date: 10 July 2021
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Week Start Date End Phrase End Page (PB) Page Count
Week 4 10 July 事を思い出していた。(cup divider) 74 16,5

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Hi everyone who is still reading with us despite this scorching hot summer! Once week 4 ends, I will add a poll to ask you on which reading pace is most comfortable to read the novel. Based on what the majority votes for, I will suggest the breaks until the very end of the book. So please think a bit how you’d prefer to continue :slight_smile:


Oh boy. We’re going over the cafe rules again, on pages 62-63.

Curious difference in the movie version: The “you can’t leave your seat” rule is changed to “you can’t leave the cafe”, I guess to enable the characters to move around while in the past. Also, the rules are rearranged - 1. Can’t change the past, 2. Can’t leave the cafe, 3. Time limit, 4. Gotta wait for the seat to be empty, 5. Can’t meet anyone who wasn’t in the cafe.

Page 65 is just plain showing off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Loving this book. I love that if you don’t drink the coffee in time you become the ghost. Looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

This section ends at 21% on my kindle.


If that is the page with the multilingual outburst, I totally agree with you. I don’t think that such a thing is possible (or she had to learn it by heart).


Just finished the Week 4 reading, and the main thing I have to say is: nope, nope, nope - no way am I waiting until next week to finish off the first story. This book has continued to get better each week, and I was completely riveted during this week’s reading. I’m going to have to read just slightly ahead and find out what’s in store next. :sob::sob:


  • Okay I’ve gained some respect for Fumiko. Although it’s been a rocky 4 weeks getting to know this character, I really enjoyed the multilingual heckling of the ナンパ bros, and I have to give her major credit for her bravery here. That she’s still willing to give this whole thing a try despite now knowing she risks turning into a ghost is pretty cool of her. Though she still loses a point or two for being a coffee hater. :wink:

  • Speaking of the whole ghost thing - what an awesome turn of events! I’m totally with @maskedkoala here. That little twist immediately turned the ワンピースの女 ghost from a quirky joke character into a deeply sympathetic one. Given the opportunity to reconnect with a lost loved one, I think I would lose track of time and suffer the same fate. Brr. It feels like kind of a literal, physical punishment for one who, figuratively speaking, dwells too long in the past.

Great book so far!


Hi everyone! The topic for Week 5 reading is now open here: Week 5
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