Week 4 とんでもスキルで異世界放浪メシ - Campfire Cooking in Another World Discussion Thread (Beginner Anime Club)

Welcome to week 4 of the Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

This show is the second Anime of Beginner Anime club.


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This was supposed to be 4 or 5 days earlier.
But due to Jlpt and school exams I had to delay it to today.
The next week will be on time though.

Episode 7

Fel is really strong. I know his stats are 9000+, but seeing him easily one shot high class monsters is still impressive. I haven’t figured out his emotional needs yet - he’s at least a little jealous of how Mukouda fawns over Sui, but I’m not sure he’d be happy if Mukouda started patting him and treating him like a dog.

Fel is blessed by Ninrir so there’s no worry about “is he a dog? can dogs eat garlic…?” etc. But apparently he not only can taste spicy food but he enjoys it?

So Sui is now a healing slime. That sounds like a valuable product to sell. And also useful in combat if Mukouda is forced to fight without Fel’s barrier. I don’t remember luck being on the stats page, but it seems crazy lucky to go solo adventuring and pick up Fel + a slime that can take on useful skills. Maybe Sui would be good testing for cooking affects? Imagine if he ate like 100 wagyu and got some stat buffing potion effect.

It sounds like a risky move to promise extravagant meals moments after saying “we’re almost out of meat,” but I guess this is where the “online grocery” part comes in.

Episode 8

Mukouda forgot about how far smell travels. I’m glad the others only asked for food and didn’t ask questions about where the bottles came from.

So F rank means you only need to quest once every 3 months. If only the adventurer’s guild lady from the last town was more helpful and explained things like that. Though honestly I’m not sure how many monsters we’re slicing up at once. It seems kinda reasonable to slice up a month of meat, but 3 months sounds insane.

Herbs is 2 points, and goblins are 3 points. I’m honestly with Mukouda that herbs are more interesting. Some of them might be tasty. Or maybe Sui would learn new effects. Either way sounds like it’s going to take a while to get 100 points.

Seems goblins are doomed to be traumatizing. Good thing we only need 5…Fel is trying to turn this anime into Goblin Slayer. So if 5 goblins is 3 points, we need to kill 170 to be enough points? Does no one care about the economy and eradicating too many goblins?

Sui is (すご)い. Does becoming a bunch of small Sui mean they all share one consciousness? Do they morph back together into one? I have so many questions about how this works. Why does no one else in the world care about slimes? They’re all conditioned to think they’re just weak fodder to be killed by goblins?

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