Week 1 とんでもスキルで異世界放浪メシ - Campfire Cooking in Another World Discussion Thread (Beginner Anime Club)

Welcome to week 1 of the Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

This show is the second Anime of Beginner Anime club.

Week 1 Starting June 15th
Episodes 1 & 2
Next week TBD
Homethread とんでもスキルで異世界放浪メシ - Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill


You are free to watch the anime with any languages subtitles. In order to watch the anime with japanese subtitles, you can use ASB Player for Chromium browsers on most major streaming services or Jimaku player on Firefox for Crunchyroll.

Subtitles for Campfire cooking in another world with my absurd skill :

Discussion guidelines

Don’t hesitate to ask anything related to he anime. It could be your impressions on the anime, something you didn’t understand etc…
Have fun :grin:

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Will you be watching with us this week ?
  • I’m watching along
  • I’m planning to catch up later
  • I’ve finished these episodes
  • I’m watching after this club is finished
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Hmm :thinking:


I usually don’t like isekais, but this show is surprisingly fun so far. Since I’ve been sick this weekend and had trouble concentrating, I took the lazy route again and watched these episodes with subtitles on but trying not to look at them. It worked better than with Romantic Killer.


Ya my brain forgot to do it’s braining when copypasting.
Really thanks for reminding it though. :sweat_smile:


I haven’t tried that method.
So do you put english substitles on but not look at it and try to rely on listening?

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Yeah, basically. Sometimes when I watch on my iPad, I actually cover them with a sheet of paper. It’s the lazier version of the method I tried last time where I turned off the subtitles, then turned them back on when I lost track of what was going on, went back and watched the segment with subtitles on. Only difference is that I don’t have to constantly fiddle with the subtitle settings.

Episode 1

I haven’t seen this show before, but I’m the type who will look up a show and see that it includes a concept that vaguely interests me and give it a shot. In this case, I heard it’s about cooking, and I like food.

ネットスーパー is a hilarious unique skill name. I guess this means no fighting a demon king and just trying to live a normal life?

No actually I’ve changed my mind. If anyone in that castle actually saw how his skill worked, they would’ve kept him for the convenience of instant delivery alone. No wonder he wants to go hide.

The food looks delicious too. And it gives stat buffs? That’s it I’m hooked. Looks like he could sell his services as a traveling chef just by saying he has an item box and quality food.

So instead of getting enslaved by the king or the hero party to make them infinite money or stat buffing food…he has to feed a monstrous fox/dog?

Today I learned platinum is 白金(はっきん)

Episode 2

The opening makes Fel look obsessed with food lol.

So Fel requires 3 meals a day, and will hunt giant monsters to satisfy his requirement for giant amounts of meat, but Mukouda can’t process all these monsters on his own, so he’ll need to stay in a party of adventurers and pay them off with the useful monster drops? Sounds like an economic deal to me. As long as dropping bottles of teriyaki sauce somewhere isn’t suspicious.

So Fel is dangerous enough to have the army stop them from entering the town…sounds like it’s going to be impossible to avoid government notice.

So he spent 10 copper coins to make 17 gold coins? Hello infinite money. He could probably survive just doing that once in every town he visits…

Fel is 1014 years old and level 906? I don’t remember what level the Iron Will party was…I’ll have to keep an eye out for next time we appraise a person.

I came in blind, but I’m already hooked.