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Week 2

Start Date: August 22nd
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Week Start Date Chapter Pages (physical) Pages (ebook) Page Count
Week 2 August 22nd Chapter 3 + 4 27 - 62 29 - 63 32

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Jesus’ t-shirt in chapter 3 reads “Mike is not ambitious”. It appears to say that purely so that when he clutches it on page 38, it folds up to read “mitai”. Or rather, 見たい. Not too clear on whether the full version is meant to have any particular meaning. Who’s it refer to? The Archangel Michael? Michaelangelo?

Think we’re gonna need @RoseWagsBlue’s assistance for page 35. :stuck_out_tongue:

And what’s his t-shirt in chapter 4 mean? Twelve disciples plus him makes thirteen?


Oh my god, I think I figured it out. What first struck me was that the first letters were really emphasized; so I was wondering whether this would actually mean MINA? Jisho then told me that it might be 御名 (i.e. the name of Christ). Wooow…

Now: Why does Buddha’s t-shirt say スジャータ ? Jisho tells me this is an icecream brand?? Nevermind, figured this one out as well. It seems to be the name of a woman who offered food to Buddha during his last meditation.


Oh, nice. I noticed the acronym, but didn’t think of sticking it into the dictionary.

She offered ice cream, I assume? :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if the t-shirt is supposed to relate to the panel at the top of page 31…


Close :slight_smile: She offered creamed rice or something similar. So it’s both in the realm of milk-based sweets.


Haha the picture with budda on the rollercoaster was priceless… XD. Also the T-shirt joke was really good. Why does Jesus want to go to akiba I wonder?
Haha 幽体離脱 XD. The jokes fell more flat for me in this chapter since I had to look up a lot of them to an insane degree 鏡餅 etc. But I think they were pretty clever. I think I missed a lot in this chapter.

The vocabulary in these 2 chapters was pretty obscure… 偶像崇拝 uff should have learned all the kanjis on here but guess who couldn’t decipher it ^^


Please feel free to add the obscure and very difficult words to the vocab sheet :slight_smile:

And the jokes too :slight_smile:

I guess because it’s his nature? Like, being in the hip places, buying random stuff so that Buddha gets mad at him…? Just a speculation though :woman_shrugging:


I read the whole manga in one sitting so I’m not sure what happens which week, but at some point (I think last week), Jesus bought a costume of the 新撰組, so he seems to be into hardcore geek stuff. So Akihabara is indeed a great place to buy more.


Still not too interested in this… Story? Some of the jokes are funny, but mostly it’s not really my type of humour


Agreed… but there are only two more weeks! :sweat_smile:


They really hit the nail on the head with the awkwardness of going to an amusement park with a friend whose interests are different than yours.