Week 4: 聖☆おにいさん・Saint Young Men 😇 [END]

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聖☆おにいさん・Saint Young Men :innocent: Home Thread

Week 4

Start Date: September 5th
Previous Part: Week 3


Week Start Date Chapter Pages (physical) Pages (ebook) Page Count
Week 4 September 5th Chapter 7 + 8 99 - 134 101 - 135 32

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Well, that was a thing that happened. First week didn’t convinced me I was interested by that book, so I just read the whole thing in one sitting and then promptly forgot about it. For that reason, I did not read much of the threads, but I feel others were similarly meh about it.
It might be because I “binged” it in a way, but the religious joke got old quite quickly. I’m lucky (?) to have a cultural background in both Buddhism and Christianism, so I think I got a majority of the jokes effortlessly, but it was never that funny. It ranged from a snicker to no reaction on my part.
Still, I’ve seen references to that series in real life, so that’s one more piece of pop culture I will not be lacking anymore, so there’s that.


Done. Won’t continue with other books in this series. I know its influential and many people like the humor but like you sad @Naphthalene the jokes got somehow old pretty fast. The vocabulary is obscure especially for me who has no idea about buddhism; and then I don’t get half of the jokes. Whats up with the 3 faces of buddah? something to do with asura?
Additionally this was my first digital Manga and I have to say Manga on paper are just SOOO much better.
I don’t mind reading a novel digitally, it’s sometimes even convinient, but with Manga its just meh…

Favorite: Amusement Park.
Least favorite: Hobby chapter with the Landlady.

But I have to say buddah is a fucking badass dislocating his shoulder to obtain a DS Light XD…


Why on Earth do they put little jokes on the characters’ t-shirts, but then have the characters sit with their backs to the camera in most panels?

Heh. On page 126, I was going “it was explicitly referred to as a Nintendo DS earlier, so why have they gone all Bland Name now and written “DS Light” on the bag instead of “DS Lite”?” Then I read the last page.

仏の顔も三度 = even the patience of a saint has limits.


Overall, I thought it was a great concept, but a lot of work for what I got out of it. Maybe a few years from now when this is something I can read with less effort in an afternoon I’ll like it more.

I agree with @downtimes: the digital version was a little rough. I like the e-books because it’s got the integrated dictionary, but it doesn’t work for manga apparently. If we do another manga I’ll probably buy the paper copy.