Website not loading on iPad

Wanikani reviews website is currently not working on iPad. Tested on four browsers (Safari, Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Chrome).


Since it’s working as normal for me on my laptop, I’d suggest doing some troubleshooting on your side.

Any lingering updates? Try clearing the catche and web history etc.

I’m really not that good with pads as I’ve never had one. Hopefully someone else might be able to guess what could be causing this.


dont you use tsurukame?

I agree with trying everything @ekg mentioned first. If the problem still persists, please reach out to with your browser and OS (and version) and we will do our best to help!

-Nick at WK

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As I am on my iPad right now, I also gave it a try and it works fine for me

You almost got me to do reviews again, but by the love of the Crabigator, I will not succumb today!

Hey MojoPriest! I am just checking in! are you still having loading issues on your iPad?

-Nick at WK