Dashboard won’t load

For some days the dashboard page simply will not load, the page is half loaded and is stuck that way, i tried clearing the browser cache and tried opening it on 3 different browsers and still nothing, i have an iphone 11, help anyone please🙏

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Do you have any scripts installed?

Do you have any of the Experimental Features active in Settings->Safari->Advanced?

What IOS version are you on?

Was it working before?

Have you tried rebooting? Seriously.

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Well tbh, some Iphone screen sizes aren’t optimized for certain webpages, or if you have an adblocker on, that can mess it up sometimes.

Sorry I dont know much about computers, i used it just fine and one day it stopped working, i have ios 14.3, tried rebooting, logging in and out of the account i have many experimental features active which one is relevant? Ad blocking is off

As long as you didn’t change any it should be fine.

Any other pages having issues?

All the other pages work fine, i can enter the reviews and lessons pages as well

Sorry I’m out of suggestions then. It’s hard to troubleshoot further without a web inspector.

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Are you still having issues? If you are, please email us hello@wanikani.com with any screenshots of error messages.

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