Not working on iPad after iOS update

Since I updated my iPad, about a week ago, WaniKani is not working properly, every time I send and answer it returns a blank screen, thought the answer register, and you can refresh the page to keep doing reviews. This is particularly broken for lessons, as you can read all the meaning and reading mnemonics but you can´t add the kanji to your review pile, as the refresh goes back to new words…

I tried google chrome, safari and the AliCrab app, and all three are broken.

Anyone else experiencing the same, or similar issue?

Never been able to get the app to load on my iphone, get to a spining Shiba-ken and he just spins doesn’t change stuck there…been using on my macbook only…

It’s been broken like this for a while on my phone. I haven’t tried an app, but it hasn’t worked in Safari.

Wanikani isn’t officially supported on mobile platforms.

There are apps available for wanikani. I have an android device myself and the app I use works well enough. You might want to check the appstore for an unofficial wanikani app.

It works for me on my iPad Air 2 in all three applications.

I’m about 90% sure AliCrab uses the underlying Safari browser - so I’d try to start with getting that working first. First thing to try would be see if it works in “Private Browsing” mode. This would point some cookie or browser add-in. Also, do you have content “Blockers enabled” in your Safari settings?

This is more-or-less correct.

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I’ll be sure not to update my iOS! I’m using the WaniKani- Learn Kanji by kyle coburn v 4.0.1 iOS app with great success. Is this the app you are referring to?

By chance, are you using the Japanese keyboard through iOS?

Go to chrome browser and look up “Wanikani Mobile” download this, its the best Wanikani app I have found. It is not on google play store. I have tried all the apps that are and this one outshines them by far.

Yep, using the Japanese keyboard.

And that keyboard is the main reason I´ve been using iPad instead of PC. Do you think it might be related?

It used to work fine before the update…

I´m currently using my Android phone, as a workaround for the broken iOS app, and it´s working fine there for me too. But I miss the big screen…

It’s working fine on my iPad Pro. However, I never use the Japanese keyboard for reviews / lessons.

I updated my iPad pro yesterday. I use AlliCrab app, which was also recently updated.

I suggest you make sure you have the latest AlliCrab and turn off the Japanese keyboard. As explained by Koichi, it is not necessary to use the Japanese keyboard.

Yep, the Japanese keyboard on iOS is the issue. See Problem occurs with webpage - #15 by oldbonsai for some workarounds.

We submitted a bug report to Apple (it happens on any non-Roman keyboard with autocomplete on iOS), but that’ll take a while to get fixed (pffft, operating system release cycles). We’ve got a fix on our end, but it’s in the middle of testing. It’ll be up early next week.

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Aaand the workaround is on the site.

Let us know if using the Japanese keyboard is still forcing the page to reload and we’ll see what else we can do while we wait for Apple to fix the bug.

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