Kanji Practice Generator with Kanji Stroke Order Diagrams and Mnemonics

I found Kanji Generator which was updated by sleebab and was originally created by prawn.

I modified the design as I wanted it to be a bit different:

Here is pdf example for level 22 which is the one I am currently at:

You can access it here:

  • I added radicals, mnemonics and kanji stroke order diagrams. Mnemonics and radicals can be toggled off and on.
  • I added dropdowns to specify the number of rows and hinted boxes. This setting must be set before generating any Kanjil, it doesn’t changed the already generated ones. By default it is set to 6 rows and 1 hinted box.
  • For the default configuration I recommend legal paper for printing as you can fit two kanjis on one sheet. If you want to fit more kanji in any paper size then you would need to change the number of rows or toggle off mnemonics or meaning.
  • Finally, you can still add kanji by JLPT level they don’t have mnemonics/radicals, but they have a stroke diagram.
  • By the way, make sure you have “background graphics” toggled on your printing settings or the stroke diagram will not show up.
  • 10/15/2021: For WK Kanji, under Level 1 now there is the option to add leeches to the worksheet. Though, if you use it together with other levels and those levels have your leeches, you are going to have repeated kanji on your sheets.
  • 10/16/2021: I added below where you input your API, a selector for the leech score, you can lower it for less strict criteria for leeches or increase it to make it stricter.

Let me know if there is any problem or question.


it would be nice if after using wk token in that website, a setting to show only the leech items

practicing stroke order for leeches I think it is a good way to get rid of them.


That’s a really good idea! I just implented it, let me know if there is any problem.


for me it shows like this


so is this all my leeches? Because from item inspector, it shows way more items.

The API doesn’t have a value to define leeches, so it depends on how people implement it. On the script does the leeches appear even if they are burning items? I borrowed what the Item inspector creates to score the leeches but I excluded burned items, or the score needed to be a leech is different to the one I set.

Also, does some kanji match to the ones you have on the inspector? Could you take a screenshot of the kanji you have on the inspector?

I used to check my leeches through an app on android for WaniKani, and on my case the sheets have more.

Edit: by the way, now you can change the leech score threshold before you sync, so try to lowe it to see if you get results more in line to what you have on the item inspector.