We forget less when learning before sleeping

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I just watched a scientific vulgarization video (in french) about sleep, and he shows that learning just before sleeping is more effective than learning on the morning.
Were you aware about this learning tip ?
I wonder if I did not read the opposite on these forums, so that’s why I bring up this subject.

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Although I could be wrong, I think Andrew Huberman may have said similar.

(Maybe if I listened to his videos right before going to sleep, rather than in the morning, I’d remember better :wink: )

Edit: Here’s a post someone wrote that outlines what I was thinking of:

Relaying the content in one of Huberman’s videos, the author of the Medium post writes:

To guarantee that you will learn and change your neural connections you need the period of intense focus to be followed by a period of intense rest.

I highly recommend reading the whole post.


It’s not just sleep that helps. Any period of brain slowdown can. I remember a study that showed that people taking a fifteen minute relax period after a study session would retain more later than those who didn’t. IIRC, the rest period had to be rest, not fiddling with your phone or watching tv or whatever. Closing one’s eyes and just letting your brain wander was suggested.

When I was in college, I would take short walks after study sessions which worked quite well for me. I thought of it as letting the new ideas settle. This was long ago, before I’d ever heard of the study. Probably the reason the study jumped out at me when I read about it, because I’d been doing it for years and I felt vindicated. :wink:


Cool! I’ll try that out. Thanks for the tip :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anecdotally I find this to be true. If I do a bunch of vocab lessons before bed, my accuracy is usually decent when I review them in the morning 8ish hours later. Much more accurate than if I do lessons in the morning and review them 8 hours later in the day. It’s like all the stuff I have to think about during the day knocks the info out of my head, but just sleeping does not have the same impact.


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