Way to test yourself on vocab using sounds?

Hi there :slight_smile: I recently started using KaneSame to test myself on English-Japanese as a supplement to WaniKani. However, my biggest obstacle in learning a language has always been listening/speaking. I was therefore wondering if there was a third party app similar to KaneSame that tests you on your WaniKani knowledge by presenting you with Japanese audio, which you then have to translate into English.

Thanks very much for your help, and apologies if I could have found the answer to this q somewhere else!

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Kitsun can do this, it can do both EN > JP, JP > EN for reading input and JP > EN for listening input and items are tagged by wanikani level in their dictionary.

You could therefore export a list of learned items from wkstats.com, for example, and dump them into a deck on Kitsun, then have the deck settings like this to only give you listening questions:



You can easily test yourself on Japanese audio with the Self-Study Quiz, a user script you can find here (follow the instruction in the first post to install):

Just go into the settings to select audio quizzing! ^>^

Good luck with your studies!


Thank you so much, this is perfect!

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