Wapro romaji JYA (when using IME). Is it wrong to type this way? Does anyone else do it?

Why not JA or ZYA?

  • JA
  • JYA
  • ZYA

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Why would it be wrong to type it any way? If the IME allows it there is literally no difference once the characters are converted.

I wouldn’t call it ‘wrong’, just another way to do it. Personally, I use ‘ja’.

There must be something seriously wrong with people using zya tho even all letters are ok.

The Japanese let’s player 弟者(おとじゃ, a word I’m sure he made up)romanizes his name as otojya.

I write ja though.

Keep in mind that not everyone is a native English speaker.

I made peace with all of the strange romanizations by thinking about all of the different languages around the world. The same combinations of letters can be pronounced in a number of different ways. Who am I as a native English speaker to tell them that they are wrong?

For example look at the combinations ce, che, ci, chi, ki between Italian, Spanish, and English.
It would feel perfectly natural for a native Italian speaker to type き as chi, or ち as ci.

Japanese seem to use Zya but i doubt they use this to learn kanji.

Right, Japanese folks use it to write their own language on computers. WK uses an IME that will work on any Japanese computer, so if you know how to type that you can use a Japanese computer or IME without problem.

But perhaps speaker of a slavic or nordic language might feel comfortable with it when learning kanji. Many languages pronounce the letter ‘j’ like a ‘y’. For example the Swedish word for yes, ‘ja’ is might be written in English spelling as ‘ya’. They might find it strange to type a ‘j’ in that situation.

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I think it’s not likely since people tend think about hiragana when they type hiragana and the way people learn hiragana using table and mostly English resources, tends to result in very few people using Zya. In theory you are right and make sense but reality might be on my side. Therefore i declare myself winner of this epic Zya battle :trophy:.

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