Cross kanji problem

Hi all, im new on this forum. So i was trying to learn a new kanji. Cross, ten, jew. The problem is: when I write the reading i use this kana: ji yu u. Am i wrong? Because im using the same kana write in the lecture but the sistem say im wrong

if you are typing it as ji yu u it comes out as じゆう instead of じゅう (jyuu) which you actually want. Notice the smaller ゆ? that makes all the difference you can also get it by typing x yu, but that’s more work than you actually have to put in.

From the FAQ:

Why is my reading answer for 入 (にゅう), 上 (じょう), 九 (きゅう), 力 (りょく), 十 (じゅう), or 女 (じょ) being marked incorrect? I’m putting in the right answer!

Most likely, you are putting in a big や, ゆ, or よ instead of a small one. See the difference?

じよう = jiyou
じょう = jyou

きゆう = kiyuu
きゅう = kyuu

りよく = riyoku
りょく = ryoku

じゆう = jiyuu
じゅう = jyuu

じよ = jiyo
じょ = jyo

The difference is big, and it’s important to get these correct. For example, じゆう means “freedom,” so if you wrote that instead of じゅう, you would be saying something completely different.

You are right guys, i haven’t see the small character! Thank you for the help!

If you haven’t already, read the rest of the FAQ, Unofficial FAQ, an the guide to help you get on the right foot. Wish you the best with your studies.

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