Wanikani's Humor

I just want to say I really love Wanikani’s humor in telling how the different radicals tell a story, describe a thing, or is just whacky. I started learning Japanese again (after about 20 years away from it) and if I had you all as a teacher in the 90’s I would have stayed with it. I look forward to doing my reviews more as a fun game than a chore at learning the necessary grammar of a new language. Some things sound crazy and first (flying cow = strange thing), but good lord, it sure sticks in your mind!! Great going!!


It’s nice to remember that we get these too, the next time someone complains about it.


wait leebo. how did you level up so fast_

“so fast” in this case is only about 8 days per level, which is slower than I went the first time. I do my lessons and reviews promptly but don’t wake up to do them in the middle of the night.

uhm maybe my memory just confused me

I have only picked up Japanese a couple years ago, but I’ve been getting the impression studying was much more difficult not too long ago. It seems the internet has made it a much more enjoyable process than it used to be.


Eh, I think the Charlie Sheen jokes are outdated though. You barely hear anything about the actor these days.

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Considering it took me about 15 days to complete level 3, that seems pretty dang fast. :open_mouth:

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Yeah there’s a few references that seem sorta dated. Does anyone even remember Hard Gay or longcat?

I have no idea what/who they are, so those mnemonics are kind of difficult for me.

Honestly, I think this is a worthy complaint: get rid of references to outdated memes. Either spend time to keep up with trending memes, or better yet, use references that are sure to stand the test of time.

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Presumably some of those are things that will be changed in the long foretold radical/mnemonic overhaul. May our grandchildren know a better WaniKani. :wink:


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