Wanikanify Update Needs Testers

I need a handful of volunteers to test the new version of wanikanify.
This means reporting bugs to me, on this thread I guess.
The hassle of manually installing it on your machine.
Actually testing it and trying to break it or other such issues.

You can find it here: https://github.com/aragonsr/wanikanify.git 

Once it’s ready I’ll see if the original author will put it up on chrome store as an updated version.

Here are the list of features to test:
Importing Google Spreadsheet Data
    - User can now import large amounts of vocab words using google spreadsheets.
    - This allows users to share their vocab lists.
    - Importing from Google Spreadsheets overrides the WaniKani vocab.
    - Shows the total number of entries that have been imported. Which could be multiple synonyms.
Custom Vocab Override
    - User can now override WaniKani vocab entries AND “Google spreadsheets import” using the custom vocab box.
    - Or if they just want to add a few extra vocab words easily, they can also use it for that too.
    - This is meant as a quick and dirty way to add your own custom vocab easily without setting up a google spreadsheet.
    - For example, “times” gets translated as “〜回” from WaniKani, which is silly. So you can use this to override it to just “回” if you want.
    - This is not meant for large amounts of vocab since it is also synced using Google Sync.
Google Chrome Sync
    - Settings for wanikanify now are persistence across computers if user has Chrome’s sync functionality enabled.
    - Note the vocab data is not synced because it’s too much data. But the settings are synced, so you’ll just have to click the “import” buttons again for Google Spreadsheets.
    - Mousing over (or clicking) a word will play the audio for that word from HTML5’s built-in speech synthesis.
    - This works very well as a learning tool in combination with rikaikun.
    - It’s possible the audio played could not be correct if the readings are missing from the spreadsheets, but it will try to play it anyways.
    - Put in option to disable the audio functionality and change whether it’s on click or on hover.
    - Custom vocab can use readings for audio.

I tested with about 4000 vocab words and it seemed to perform okay.

Okay, well, formatting won’t work correctly… So… I’m not reformatting that.