Wanikani website not working on mobile after last update

Since the maintenance yesterday, the website has contents bug if you see it on mobile. The community forums are empty, and more importantly I can’t login (no error message, just a login loop).
Am I the only one with this issue?

You mean just navigating to the website and community via phone browser, right?

I’m on Android and I didn’t encounter any problems myself. We’ll hear if others have the same problem.

Yes, just navigating from the phone browser (on Android).
If I select “display desktop version”, the forums appear (but I still can’t login) so it’s definitely linked to the mobile version of the website.

I logged out on mobile, then got login failed when attempting to log back in. Although, perhaps Chrome has the wrong credentials stored? Haven’t logged in anywhere in quite some time, so not even sure what my password is.

Problem solved, it was my mobile cookies settings!

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