Wanikani script for knowing when an Item is about to get burned?

Hi people,

I’m looking for a script for Wanikani that let me know when one item is about to be burned. To point is that when I burn one item, I want to be sure at 100% that I know it and if I have an hesitation, I would prefer to miss it by purpose instead of having it right after some thoughts.

I never burned an item yet, so I don’t know if it’s already implemented in Wanikani by default and I did a little of research and I didn’t find any script that specifically does that.

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This could be what you’re looking for. I don’t use it myself, but have a look

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Thanks a lot,

I didn’t take the time to try it, but it looks promising.

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Interesting idea. I thought about it and for me, with some 8500 or so items to study I’ve chosen to just trust the system. Besides, outside of Wanikani, we’ll be coming across these kanji/vocab in context which should make understanding them even more concrete.


I’m the same way. If I can get to the item, no matter if it takes a little longer, I don’t have to look it up. Speed will come with exposure.


This one always shows the SRS level of every item


Just saw in the Knowledge Guide under the definition of “Burned” that from an item’s individual page there’s the ability to unburn it.

I am sorry, the toggling off of the flashing animation does not seem to be working for me ?
When I click the box nothing happens and it keeps on flashing.
Is there anything I could do?

Thank you<3


You might have mistaken this thread with the thread of the actual script. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should post that message under one of those thread (depending on what script your problem is on) :