[Userscript] SRS Stage Progression Warning

Have you ever wished to have taken more time on a review that would’ve moved the item into the next SRS bucket ?

This userscript aims to assist you in cases where you are reviewing an item that is on the cusp of moving to the next srs bucket by providing an eye catching notification of the possible SRS progression. This should communicate to you to take extra time with specific review items.

This notifcation will only show for items in srs stages whose next stage is a different srs bucket.
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This is my first userscript! I’ve verified that it works on latest versions of chrome and firefox!

1.2.0 - Added checkbox option to turn off animation - click indicator to open simple settings drop down


Installed, used, got a warning that an item was guring and took my time with it. Cheers! :confetti_ball:


Thanks for giving it a shot :slight_smile: ! Hopefully it saves you from a few missed reviews!

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Love this script! Messing up a review that would’ve moved the item into the next bucket because of a typo/not paying enough attention is the worst feeling ever (especially burn reviews).



Congrats on the userscript! Sounds like a cool one :+1:


great script :+1: has saved my hide when im rushing through reviews before bed. i take my time on the ones that are going to the next stage xD


THANK YOU omg I’ve been looking for something like this.


Hello again! I was wondering if it would be possible to have an on/off toggle for the flashing bit - I’m finding it a bit distracting. For me the white oblong just above the item is sufficient to get my attention.


Hey Rowena,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into a config option for you.


@Rowena Hoping to have something together tomorrow worst case Thursday.

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どうもありがとう :bowing_woman:

Version 1.2.x added a small settings menu for turning off the flashing animation.
If you click the indicator a small drop down appears and can be removed by clicking outside of it or by toggling the checkbox.

TODO (priority order):
Add styling to match WK breakpoints (smaller screen sizes the indicator may touch the displayed kanji
Better settings dropdown styling

I don’t plan on working on these immediately unless they cause issues. If there are any other specific requests, I will gladly prioritize those higher and focus on them sooner.

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Would it be possible to add to the script in how much time the next item would be shown?

Basically information from this page: WaniKani’s SRS Stages | WaniKani Knowledge