Wanikani screenshots 📸

Good morning =)
Only 105 items on “next day” =D
but I ran out of new lessons on Friday, though after doing the 14 radicals I still only have 90 left, so will be done in good time before the new lessons with my 30 per day =)

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The morning that keeps on giving

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My brain wasn’t functional at all on this review! I’m kicking myself as it’s delayed my level up :frowning:

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More leeches die! :smiley:


Remember not to rush! Not knowing it means that you don’t know it well enough, which would just make you suffer in the long run. Take screwing up as a good thing. It hurts to get many things wrong, but you’ll come to notice that within a few days your 57% will become 91%.

R.I.P. Me…


You should install WaniKani Real Numbers: [Userscript] WK Real Numbers

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trust me, leeches at guru are not dead yet :wink:


Ugh… fine, I’ll do my 3000 word essay then…

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Oh … crap?

So then “die-in-the-progressive-on-going-and-painful-sense leeches!” ? :slight_smile:

Pretty much, yeah. Leeches are leeches when you can’t get them burnt under any circumstances. The Enlighten > Guru (and in bad cases, all the way down to Apprentice) carousel is a really frustrating one.

Wow, I can’t even remember the last time I had over 12 hours till the next review.

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Posting about first burns is boring so how about first failed burns.


Guess counting is the hardest part of foreign language after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


yeah… truth be told… once a leech, always a leech
sorry my friend…
but don’t worry, you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

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I’m really proud right now


I almost 100% but typo’d the meaning for holiday so badly it didn’t recognise it :C This is the first time I have gotten such a high correct % on something I just did the lessons for today.


I started Enlightening Level 1 radicals! Now I just need to start learning grammar… [Procrastinating intensifies]


Funny. Me too just now!

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I’m still getting a decently small amount at a time. Half of these where from last night, was too tiered to do them before bed =P
Since I don’t do lessons smaller than 10 that means those two enlightened items was once leeches! =D

I decided to add Station as synonym though, cause that sums it up nicely. Even if there are other kanji for Station specifically, this carries the same sort of meaning.

100/100 = 100% Satisfying in many ways