Wanikani screenshots 📸


About twenty keys all at the same time.



:stuck_out_tongue: indeed. It’s because I lost a week and a half in limbo between levels 3 and 4, but have fun tooting your own horn, I’ll be at level seven in three days.

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Taken literally, that’s actually pretty impressive.



The funny thing is I think this has happened to me before… several times. I thought it was because I pressed the delete key or enter accidentally.



Usually if you just press enter, the JavaScript will prevent a blank answer from being submitted, but I think if you press enter and some other keys at the same time, it confuses the JavaScript.

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Hahah fair enough! I’ll wait for you on the level 60 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That exists!? All I ever see are various euphemisms involving flower petals and secret places.




Wanikani needs to teach us racist words and curse words so we can accidentally on purpose run into 893 and call them 糞ったれ。



You say that like that isn’t what I type when I don’t know the reading to a kanji.

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HEY! You’re that 4chan guy. I remember you. I will never forget what you posted in that group on Slack…

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Please take this convo elsewhere. Make a thread about obscene kanji perhaps?



I finally have 0 reviews after a few weeks.

Although this latest session was pretty bad…

At least half of those fails that ended up in Guru were up for burns, I’m sure. I just… just couldn’t. @_@



Poor thing! You should use Kaniwani if you don’t already. It’s a boon for vocab retention.
69… heh heh…



I find this hilarious. Your welcome for immortalizing your shame.



I do, and I don’t.

I used to do it once a week, way back.

Mostly, I took about a 3-week break (mostly on accident, somewhat on purpose), and have only been back to regularly chipping at my (rather small) pile of reviews for the last 5 days or so.

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oh my~ im forget most of translation for level 38-39~~ it’s looks can post some of chaos wreck session of review~



Shame? or trying to not get banned?

We have no shame, but the mods don’t like it when people say naughty things



I have to resist doing those 12 new lessons in order to lower the amount of daily reviews I have to do …

… below 300 reviews is a lot better than four days ago … almost 400 reviews a day was just too much …

… new strategy … getting apprentice level below 100 to reduce the overall number of reviews a day should make life easier AND if I think about it, when I get an answer wrong, if I don’t immediately think “Of course!!!”, I check the correct answer and make a better mnemonic story for myself … so theoretically, once I’ve culled the stack of naughtiness, I suspect my rate of progression will probably be about the same … yet without spending so long doing reviews.



yeaaaa booooi
I got the reading of 切手 wrong because I forgot the small tsu.



351 apprentice itens :fearful: I got to 150 the other day and I was handling it pretty well (100 simply gets too easy), but I DOUBT I would even be able to do 2x more :fearful: teach me master

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